The present of dreaming

With the holiday season in full swing I would like you to consider giving yourself a very special gift:  the present of dreaming.  How many of you have taken the time to identify and make real in your lives what you really want.  I am talking about the stuff you really really want that you may not share with anyone else in your life because it’s too big for them to understand or believe in. 

I would like you to give yourself the gift of really allowing yourself to dream big and to document it down on paper so that you have it as part of your own personal legacy.  Some of you may not have ever actually sat down and thought out what you would like to see happen in your life.  I want you to dream BIG – not what you think you can have, not what someone else is saying you should have, not what even makes sense under today’s conditions.  I want you to forget about the “so called realities” of your current situation and let your imagination play in big time. 

Here’s some steps to help you accomplish this process in case you’ve never tried doing this before.  For those of you that have done these exercises before please remember it never hurts to hear it and do it again.  Also know that these are going to require some signifcant time out of your day.  So plan accordingly.

Step One:  Write (or type up) all the things you would love to have in your life.  Write up all the accomplishments you’d like to see have happen for you.  Write up all the places you would like to see and people you would like to meet in your lifetime. DO NOT SET LIMITS ON WHAT YOU WRITE – LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD.

Step Two:  Pick out the top Five or Six most important desires and circle or highlight those. 

Step Three:  Create a future life story incorporating those five or six priority desires.  Write this out in as much detail as your imagination can create.  If you want a sports car I want you to describe the make, the model, the color and features of this car.  If you want to own your own home.  I want you to describe the exterior and interior of this home.   I would suggest doing this on the computer or writing it out in as many sheets of paper as you need.  When you are done sign it and date it.

Step Four:  Creating a dream board.  You will need to collect lots of magazines that you can cut out those things that represent what you want.  These must be in color and you need to purchase a large cardboard placboard.  You can find these in any dollar store or go to your office supply place to find one.  I suggest a 24″ x 30″ board will work best.  Choose a color board that appeals to you.  Green is good if your key desire is money, red for love, yellow for spiritual enlightenment.  If all you can find are white boards that’s ok too.  You will now be cutting out pictures that represent what you want from these magazines and pasting them on your board. 

A tip on creating your dream board:  you can make a dream board with all the things you’d like to see in your life or you can create a dream board for each area you want to focus on.  I love creating general dream boards that cover all aspects of my life.  I usually include fake and real dollars bills on my board to assure that I will have money (and not debt) to help manifest these things in my life.   I have made a habit of creating a dream board at the beginning of each year and by the end of the year I can look back at my board and see a number of items that have manifested in my life for that year.  What about the other stuff you may ask?  Well, I keep my dream boards and believe it or not — I find that most, if not all, the things I had put on previous dream boards have all manifested in my life.  It may have taken a few more years then expected but guess what — they did manifest in my life!

I just finished talking to a dear friend on the telephone.  She created a dream board for a new love relationship in her life.  A widow, who spent several years caretaking her husband of many years through a severe debilitating illness, felt that she was finally ready to receive love in her life again.  She created her dream board focusing on just that one area and she met the man of her dreams just five months ago.  This is a friend who is also very intuned with the spiritual laws of success.  

Step Five:  Creating Your Best Year Ever drawing.  I want you to play like a child of five in this exercise.  You’ll be using crayons, color markers and color pencils for this next exercise.  Again, use a large white placboard.  I enjoy using an 11″ x 17″ size board for this.  At the top write the words “MY BEST YEAR EVER – 2011”.  Then begin drawing what you want to see happen in the upcoming year.  Want to travel?  Draw an airplane or a boat.  Again, use your imagination and use lots of color!  I like to have my “Best Year Ever” boards laminated so they last for years. 

Lastly, place these two personal works of art some place where you will see them.  These are personal and belong only to you so you choose the best place to put them.  I would advise that you keep your dream board and your “best year ever” drawing only for your viewing.  Unless this exercise is done with your significant other — this doesn’t need to be shared with anyone else.  Don’t let anyone else step on your dreams.

I can personally attest that these exercises work.  Nothing ever comes to fruition in life until it is born as a possibility in your mind.  The key is to decide WHAT you want.  Leave the HOW part to GOD to work out the details.  This isn’t for you to do.  Your part is just deciding WHAT you want.

Good luck and happy holidays!

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