Self Confidence: the key to prosperity

Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to have things go very right in their lives while others sometimes struggle along.  Have you ever spent any amount of time getting to know those to have supreme self confidence?  If you have, you will observe a common thread among them:  a positive attitude, an inner knowing that things will work out for their greater good, and a strong spiritual nature.

Taken from the book titled: “The Prospering Power of Prayer” by Catherine Ponder is an excerpt from the chapter titled: The Prospering Power of Confidence:  “A stockbroker recently brought to my attention another type of affirmative prayer that helps make the right contact for prosperity:  affirmations of confidence.  He stated that he had studied the prosperity law from every angle, observed the many prosperous-minded people who buy and sell stock, and read many biographies of the lives of prosperous-minded people.  He has come to the conclusion that if prosperity could be described in one word, that word would be Self-Confidence; that is, confidence in one’s abilities and talents, and in God’s help in developing them.

“Affirmative prayers that express confidence help us release our prosperity powers.  Psychologists tell us that there is tremendous power in having self-confidence.  They say that confidence doubles our powers and multiplies our abilities.  We may more fully develop the prosperity power of confidence by affirming often the following:

 “I am confident that God is my instant, constant, abundant supply of health, wealth and happiness” or, “I am the richly illumined Child of God, filled with divine love and wisdom, by which I am guided in all my ways and now led into that which is for my highest good”.

 Listen to what Dr. Ronald Ross ( )  says about self-confidence.

Be alert to the words of Dr. Ross:  self-confidence is NOT arrogance.  Just the opposite.  When you have self-confidence you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone.  I like to believe that the confidence one has for self comes from the confidence of knowing God.  Can you imagine what it would feel like if you knew, not wished, not hoped, but KNEW that God would always be there if you needed Him.  Just call out to Him and HE would be there to protect, to shelter you, to provide whatever you needed.  This great KNOWING is not reserved for only special people, it is available to everyone, including YOU.  

The secret to having self-confidence is having a close loving relationship with God.  HE will always have your back!

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