Our Filtered Glasses

Everything is pure for someone whose heart is pure. (Titus 1.15)   Isn’t it amazing that two people can observe the same scene and have two totally different interpretations of what they both have seen?  What we see is filtered by the glasses we wear.  Our “glasses” are our experiences, our learnings, our beliefs, our perception of the world around us.  The second half of that scripture continues with … “But to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience are defiled.”   I find that the truth behind this scripture is so compelling.  If we look at the world with an open heart and a desire to seek the good in others we will find that life seems to smile down on us.  We will encounter more warm feelings from others because you are projecting the same toward them. 

I find that the period in which we find ourselves in right now, at this moment, is truly testing our personal resolve.  We all have feelings about where our country should be focused on, who is best able to accomplish the good we all wish to see, but how we get there as fitered by the glasses we wear.  Some see life has hard and heading to even harder times.  Others see the beginning of a major turnaround in aspects of economic, industrial and educational upheaval for the good.  Others, still see the world with very dark glasses filled with terror and fear.  How we see the world around us is marked by the “glasses we choose to put on”. 

Yes, we choose those glasses.  Our eyes can be opened by the glory of God’s goodness which will change our perception.  When we see not only with our eyes but with our hearts some of the fear, the dread, the deadly becomes less threatening because our faith starts to lighten up our filtered glasses.  It saddens me when I hear those who proclaim faith in God and their love for Christ, say in the next breath that they hate their neighbor (ie. their President, their Governor, they’re brother).  This is so contrary to what real faith and living with the Laws of God tell us we should be doing.  Hate for anyone is so destructive to our hearts and our ability to lighten up our glasses. 

We are told by scripture and by numerous medical professionals that hating, fear, distress, despair, is destructive to our well being.  Our hearts can literally and figuratively be destroyed by living with these “darken glasses”.   So how do we change our perception.  How do we affect the glasses we wear… ask God, He’ll give you the answer and a new prescription.

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