Mental Acceptance

What exactly is mental acceptance.  This is the concept that what your mind accepts as truth in your life will be the key determining factor of what is produced in your life.  For instance, you were told as a child that you were not very good at art and drawing.  Those school projects that forced you to draw or create were not acknowledged as being very good or may have even been criticized and ridiculed as being poorly done or bad.  After a period of time you begin to believe that you are incapable of being able to draw or maybe even find yourself believing you aren’t the creative type.  You were consciously told these things, you mind heard the criticism, your internal self added a few more choice words of criticism about your lack of creative skills, and before long your subconscious mind has accepted the fact that you are not creative.  From this point on you label yourself as non-creative.  As an adult you are asked to participate in an art class or doing some free-style drawing and you reply back with “No, I can’t draw.  I’m just not creative”.  You have mentally accepted that in the creativity department you are a dismal failure.  With this mental acceptance you don’t even try to prove yourself wrong.  You more then likely accept it as fact and nothing is going to dissuade your poor opinion of yourself in this area. 

So many of us have placed limits to what we can have and do in life because we have mentally accepted the idea that we can’t have what we might actually want in our lives.  Our subconcious has bought into the idea of years and years of limited thinking, and listening to our self-talk and to other’s critical opinions of ourselves that we believe this to be true.  What a lie!  Scientists are now finding that all human beings have an inherent creative ability we are all born with.  It’s the lies we hear from our critics (includes teachers, parents, bosses, ourselves and others) that are limiting our ability to have what we want in life. 

So how do we change the tapes in our heads that keep telling us that we cannot have what we really want (inner peace, abundance, friendship, love)?  We have to start changing what we listen to, what we read, what we say about ourselves.  We have to do this every single day.  We have to write it down.  We have to read it, say it out loud, day after day after day.  We may have mentally decided that we want a better life for ourselves, but addressing the inner tapes that are located in our subconscious is what we critically need to change.  Imagine those tapes as being old and very well established (because they are).  Now we are trying to record new messages over these old tapes.  This isn’t going to be an easy process.  But with persistence it can be done.  This persistence may take years.  But, hey, even if it takes ten years, twenty years — who cares.  If you can believe that one day the reward will be yours, that the work and effort you put into changing your way of thinking and being will pay off greatly, wouldn’t it be worth your time and effort?  I can assure you that you will get to a place of “knowing” this reward will come after you continue to do this day after day after day.  Know that once you’ve changed the tapes in your head – they will never go backwards to your old way of thinking or being.

Is it possible to become a more enlightened individual – yes.  Is it possible to have wealth and success – yes.  Is it possible to have a more spiritual life – yes.  You just need to make up your mind that that is what you want and begin to change the verbal and mental tapes.  In my next post I will address the subject of the Mental Acceptance of Prosperity. 

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