Law Number two: Setting goals

We have discussed the importance of setting goals in your life in previous posts.   If you are a working adult I hope you have already adopted goal setting as a important tool in your working arsenal.  If you have not then you are missing a critical element to having success in your life.  Edwene Gaines, in her book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, covers this process and names it as a Law in living a life of prosperity.  I agree with her.  If I had not gotten into the practice of setting goals early in my life,  I would never have accomplished the achievements that I have.  Through the goal setting process I was able to have several careers, complete several educational degrees including a Master’s in Leadership Education, all while working full time at a very demanding profession.  I have traveled the world and speak a couple of languages.  I have numerous friends living throughout the country and I can honestly say I have lived a full life.  But if I hadn’t developed the discipline of goal setting, I don’t think I would ever have been focused enough to accomplish what I have in life.  In her book Edwene lists ten steps.  I will list them here and expand on only those I feel need further discussion:

Step One:  In a notebook, write down all of your dreams, no matter how large or small.  Don’t prejudge or censor your dreams.  It’s not up to you to figure out the HOW – just the WHAT. 

Step Two:  Choose your most important desires and list them in order of importance to you. Be very specific.  She works with 12 at a time, I like 10.   You may choose the right number for you.   

Step Three:  Consider what changes you might need to make in order to achieve your goals.  This can be a difficult step because it means letting go of what may not be serving you well.  It may also mean that you may need to be honest about what you need to do, like go back to school, change a lifestyle practice, etc. 

Step Four:  Choose the date by which you desire to achieve each goal.  Be realistic in this step.  Many of us set ourselves up for failure by being unrealistic in the achievement date we list.  Understand that this may be your date, but God may choose a different one.  I have found that this was often the case when I listed a specific goal important to me.  Over time I did achieve it but maybe a bit further down the road then when I thought I should have originally gotten it. 

Step Five:  Read your list of goals at least three times every morning and every night.  

Step Six:  Imagine yourself achieving each goal. 

Step Seven:  Act as if you have already achieved your goals.  Believe that you have received.  Steps five through seven are very important because the more you focus on something the more you draw power to it.  There is a metaphysical law called “The Law of Mind-Action” that states, “Thoughts held in mind reproduce after their own kind.”  So when you keep a goal in mind, you are reproducing it, and drawing energy toward it. 

Step Eight:  Don’t tell others.  Keep your goals private, between you and God.  

Step Nine:  Cross-off the goals as they are achieved and continue to add new ones.  

Step Ten:  Remember, God’s highest law is LOVE.  God wants only the best for us, always.  With this in mind, why should we worry about anything else.  Our job is to learn to love ourselves as God loves us.  Only then can we truly love our neighbors.  Remember – with God, all things are possible!

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