Goal Setting with a God-Setting

I’ve been in the business world for what feels like all of my life.  Even as a child I worked in my parents small grocery store helping wherever I could.  It was with this business sense that I realized very early in life that setting goals was extremely important for one’s success.  But as any goal setting individual, anyone who creates their plan, and then sets milestones for specific achievements, will tell you sometimes things don’t always go according to plan!  Please don’t get me wrong.  Even at this stage in life I still find it important to create goals for myself.  The difference is that I realize that I can set all the goals I want, I can create the timeline, and I can set concrete measurable attainments, but if I take the attitude that it’s going to me my way or the highway I am sadly setting myself up for failure.  And believe me, I’ve have had my fair share of failures. 

What’s funny is when I look back at these “failures” from a longer view perspective, oh lets say a year or two out, the failures were often turning points for a more defining path, where I found my success and my joy.  What I have found is that  when I ask God to show me that path first (instead of after the fact) I save myself a tremendous amount of headaches from literally and figuratively “banging my head against a wall” because I wanted to it my way.  I think all of us can relate to the old Frank Sinatra (ok I am dating myself) song, “MY WAY”, in some fashion or another.  After all, we know we have the skills and power to do what we want to do so why not go after it with full guns.  But let me tell you friend, letting God provide you with the path AND adding HIM on as a partner almost always guarantees success!  I say almost always because it still does require some effort on your part.

Can you imagine knowing that GOD is your business partner in a new venture you’ve chosen to undertake.  You know it’s going to be a success because you’ve asked GOD for the ok to proceed with the plans.  I mean, after all HE has vested interest in this thing  too.  Ok, you say, but how am I going to know what path it is HE wants me to take.  Well, first of all you need to be open for what GOD is trying to show you.  This presents a real challenge for most of us because we are so busy with filling every moment of our lives, filling our ears and eyes with stuff, that we often times miss the clues that GOD presents.  We need to have a level of awareness to hear or see these clues.   I will write more about this subject at a later post.  But, let’s suppose you are getting the clues that GOD is providing you (sometimes those come in dreams, sometimes the same subject comes up a several times from several sources).  Being aware in this way is important to listening for GOD’s path or direction.  So lets assume you feel confident that a direction has been provided and you want to put it into action.

 Dr. Deepak Chopra in his best selling book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, captures the very essence of how to proceed with this plan for easy and effortless implementation.  Well, maybe not that effortless – because this is going to require a little bit of work on your part.  Listen to The Law of Least Effort from his book.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPuW_LeBLTY .

So let me give you an example of what I am talking about.  Several years ago I had a dream that I was working a trade show event for  someone else.  I shared this dream the next day with my partner and he agreed it sounded like a good idea.  I did not act on this dream at that time.  About two weeks later I had the exact same dream.  Well, I knew from my past experience with GOD showing me the way, that this was something I needed to take seriously.  I then created a small business plan on the idea of running trade show events  for other people’s businesses.  I designed a business card and got those ordered.  The next day the local newspaper dedicated a number of pages to an upcoming home and garden show and listed all the vendors that would be present at that event which was scheduled the following weekend.   I made up a simple flyer and proceeded to call each of the vendors on the list to get their fax number so I could fax them my flyer.  On the third phone call I spoke to the owner and he hired me right on the spot over the phone to run his booth.  Folks that’s what I am talking about.  By the way, all of my clients from that point forward were vendors who came to me for my services.  I never had to do any advertising for that business!  More business opportunities come to me in this manner then I can begin to tell you.  This can happen to you too.  You just have to ask GOD to help you and to be open to the opportunities HE presents.

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