As one door closes

As one door closes

As one door closes another door opens.  This may sound like a cliche to those that have heard it before, but there is so much truth that lives behind these words.  I recently read a story about a group of local teens that were contacted by their employer, the local Jack In The Box store.  For whatever reason the corporate entity decided that they were no longer open to having teens under the age 18 working in the stores.  I don’t know if this was a national, state or just local store decision.  But the article, found in our small community paper, stated that the end affect was the letting go of nine local teens being all fired on the same day.  The teens were all interviewed and were justly devastated from being fired via telephone calls to their respective cell phones, just hours before they were scheduled to come to work in some cases.

As harsh as this is to a teen working while going to school full time, some to have money to help with family needs, or to have savings for future college needs, or just plain pocket money, when a person encounters being fired for the first time in their lives it is a hard blow to face.  I came from an industry that would never have believed it would be impacted by downsizing.  Yet, it become a reality for hundreds of employees with long term tenure in the mid 1990’s.  The effect on the families of these individuals was devastating.  I’m sure you, dear reader, have experienced something similiar in your life.  If not, you may still one day.

When such an event happens it is painful, devastating and so overwhelming that it can cause a person to go into an emotional spin resulting in depression, chronic sadness, and in some cases even suicide.  When you are experiencing such a trauma in your life you can’t see beyond what is happening right in front of you.  But, I assure you that with time this traumatic event will eventually lead to something greater in your life.  Sometimes it may take years, but it will happen IF you are open to exploring the next door that opens up for you.  Sometimes we live years of quiet desperation but are too afraid to change anything because we feel the known is better then the unknown.  I can attest that life doesn’t allow you to stay in the status quo.  Life will provide events that are out of your control to force you to take the next steps of your human development.  When we lose a job or the security of our income status this is usually GOD stepping in and saying okay be open for something better.  Our reactions and behaviors determine whether we will step through the next door opening for us or remain stuck in our tracks.

Look around you and talk to your friends and neighbors.  You will hear countless stories of how a traumatic event of being fired from the job they relied so readily upon on was suddenly taken away. But this was the one event that caused them to make bold moves toward starting their own business, moving into a new field of work, opening an new learning opportunity, or some other positive outcome.  We do survive these life traumas.  In very many cases we thrive vs just surviving.

So I would say to these teens, Yes, mourn the closing of this door. But know that a new one will open for you that will advance you to a new growth in your future.  Don’t be afraid.  But your hopes and dreams into God’s hands, and allow yourself to be open to hearing the next door opening.

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