Our constitutional rights

I just finished reading a small excerpt where a judge in Texas banned a school district’s right to pray, say amen, even use the word “avocation” in the high school’s upcoming graduation ceremony.  How insane is that.  All I can say, dear readers, is I would not like to be sitting in that judge’s shoes right now.  Whether you believe in the concept of Karma or not, you better believe we all pay for the actions and decisions we make in life.  Would you like to be the person that provokes God’s anger?  Not to say that He provokes that easily – He doesn’t.  However, if you are in a position of leadership (ie. a judge) and making decisions that are NOT in the best interest of others — look out– you’ll eventually paid the price. 

Karma is the price we pay for foolish decisions.  We may choose to take actions that are deliberate to hurting others — someday you yourself will be subject to the same hurt.  But you may say, how can you say this judge has hurt anyone.  This judge, in an attempt to appease one family’s complaint — and who knows what their issues really are — made a foolish and foolhardy decision.  We all know we have rights in our First Admendment – The right to free speech.  Should anyone, including a judge, try and tell me I can’t speak of God, give praise or agreement by saying “amen”, or in any way try to infringe on my right to give glory to the only creator of this world — I would tell that individual to take a flying leap.  What are they doing to do????  Arrest me! 

I guess the point of this post is to let you, dear readers, know that regardless of some of the idiocy that passes for logic around this dear world, we still have our connection to GOD to be the first, the foremost and the MOST important relationship you better be concerned about.  Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.   However, if you want to be so foolhardy (like this judge) go ahead and test GOD — see how far you can go before He plummets you over the head.  It might not be pretty.

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