The Getting There of what we pray for

I received a very nice comment and inquiry from a reader who questions if the ultimate picturing of achieving a desired goal in life means that we should have no say on how we attain this goal.  It’s a great comment because it begs the question of whether God will answer our prayers without any work or intervention on our part. For many the translation of the words “let go and let God” challenges our thinking.  Do we do nothing and sit and wait for God to answer the prayer, or if it is OK for us to take actual steps in achieving our desire.

First of all, God will never put into your mind a picture of what you may desire without it being possible for you to achieve or have it.  HOWEVER, there are some serious caveats involved here.  If you desire something that will harm another, or is deemed immoral or illegal, or goes against the goodness of spiritual intention, you may never see this desire come to fruition.  If the desire (or goal) doesn’t violate any of these tenets, the possibility of manifesting this desire becomes real. 

Another serious caveat that could kill the chances of having that desire manifest in your life, is if you have serious internal (subconscious) issues that are contrary to having that achievement.  Let’s say you’ve always been told that having a joyful and carefree life with plenty of money to spend is a “pipedream” or that “you’re not good enough to have this type of life”.  Or maybe your lack of education, intellect, upbringing, whatever won’t allow you to believe you will ever have this.  If you’ve bought into this lie, it’s going to be awfully hard to manifest this into your life without some serious “overturning and eliminating” of these old but powerful subconscious beliefs (what I would refer to as the tapes that keep playing in our heads).  You will never achieve what you want if you don’t honestly believe you deserve to have it.  Sometimes it takes years and lots of work to rid ourselves of these defeating lies.  God made you worthy of having it all.  It’s your internal tapes that are stopping you from believing God and manifesting what you want.

Now we come to the question of whether we should take it upon ourselves to “help God along” with putting things into motion or taking the job into our own hands.  There is a fine line between trying to force your good to come to you and doing nothing.  You may be able to force your good for a while, but it may prove frustrating and tiring.  It’s important to know that faith and trust in God is also about asking HIM what direction you should take to make manifest your desires.  This very real and very important piece of the puzzle is usually overlooked and extremely difficult for many.  For one, we think we know exactly how we can see the desire come into our reality.  I can guarantee you that you are probably 100% wrong!  God has ways that you have no clue about to manifest your desires.  Additionally, the difficulty for many is that you have to actually have quiet time in your life to hear the answers to the prayers.  If you are not allowing time to have quiet discussion and prayer with God (also known as building the relationship) you are not going hear HIS answers.  GOD will NOT shout over the noise in your life.  HE just doesn’t work that way.  Without making the conscience decision to allow that quiet time for just you and God, the chances are slim you are not going to be aware of the answers HE may be placing right in front of your face. 

Lastly, is being willing to obey what God is asking you to do to fulfill those desires.  This is another tough step for many (if not all of us) to acknowledge.  God has an incredible sense of humor.  HIS ways are not like our ways.  HE may ask you to undertake a project or steps that just don’t make any sense to you.  And you do have the option of saying “no”.  But be clear that GOD will stop giving you answers if you are not willing to follow what HE is placing on your heart, whether it makes sense to you or not.  This is the scary part of having your prayers answered.  The liklihood is that God will require changes in your life to happen (yikes, a termination of a job that is no longer fulfilling, the loss of old, but toxic friendships, the unexpected turn in your health status).  Change, sometimes major change, is required for life to open new doors of good to you.  This part is going to require MAJOR TRUST in GOD.  This is where most of us fail.  We become too frightened by what we don’t understand is happening, and as a result we say NO to God’s plan or we find ways to mask the fear we are feeling, instead of praying and trusting and thanking God in the middle of the changes we don’t understand. 

I speak from years of personal experience when I say you must trust God in HIS leading you to your greater good even when your life appears to be in total turmoil.  It is definitely worth it in the end.  You just need to trust and give thanks, and never loose sight of your desire.



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