Strength Training for the Soul

I always like to use analogies to try to prove a point that sometimes can be confusing.  We all have different communication styles and analogies have always be effective for me.  In doing my prayer work this morning the idea came to me that building our faith is so unbelievably important.  But sometimes building faith can prove to be a challenge.  So many times life just gets in the way of good intentions.  But, like anything that we consider important in our lives, we must put a level of priority to it for it to get done.  That’s when it hit me that when we set a goal to get physically in shape, we set this in our minds as a priority.  When we make something a priority we then determine what steps we need to take each day to adequately keep our decision uppermost in our lives.  If we decide we want to get physically in shape, we may make exercise a key factor, we may address our dietary habits, we take time to learn what would work for us to make “getting into better physical shape” a reality.

If we want our relationship with God to grow we need to also set this as a priority in our lives.  We need to determine if “building our Faith Muscle” is important to us.  Just like physical strength training we need to look at building our faith (our Godly relationship) as a daily habit.  We can build that faith muscle everyday.  My “personal trainers” in building this faith muscle are varied.  I make it a habit to read a chapter by a book written by Catherine Ponder each morning.  I consider Catherine Ponder a mentor of mine (as many of my readers know).  She introduced me to the concept of affirmations (prayers), spiritual laws of prosperity and what lies behind the idea of tithing.  She has been a prophet of Prosperity for many many years. 

Another “strength trainer” is Joyce Meyer (  who I record on my DVR and listen to several times a week in the evening before I retire for the night.  Instead of leaving my mind open to the “news” or the latest edition of a television drama like CSI or Law & Order, I choose to listen to a Joyce Meyer sermon.  Joel Osteen ( )  is another one I record on my DVR and will listen to him once or twice a week.  These strength trainers of faith lift my spirit.  They allow me to understand that life is good, God is great and the trails and tribulations of everyday life do not have to pull you down. 

Another strength trainer of mine is Beth Moore ( ) .  Beth is an author of some of the best bible studies I have ever encountered.  These bible studies are offered at my church and have been instrumental in allowing me to better understand bible scripture in a manner that makes it not only historically interesting but personally adaptable and revealing.  Ever think you need a psychologist — check out Beth Moore’s studies.  They are powerful.   Don’t belong to a church or wish to attend one – no problem you can get Beth Moore Bible Studies on-line to listen and learn on your own time.

Lastly, I would include John Bishop of Living Hope Church (  as another effective strength trainer of mine.  He is down-to-earth and has a marvelous way of interpreting God’s word so it hits home every time. 

These are just some of the strength trainers that have been so helpful in my life.  I urge you to consider building your faith and relationship with God and find strength trainers in your life to help you build your “faith muscle”.  Building that faith muscle will open up an abundant life that is almost indescribable.

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