Meaningful Prayer

I call on you, O God, for you will answer me; give ear to me and hear my prayer. Psalm 17:6

The following is taken from the devotional A Daybook of Grace:  “Stop a moment and think.  Is it not often the case, when men stand up to pray in public, or kneel down to pray in private, that they are thinking far more of what they are asking for than they are of the the great God who made heaven and earth, and who has all power?    Is it not often the case that in our prayers our thoughts are wandering off everywhere?  We take the name of God on our lips, but there is no real conscious approach to God in our hearts.

“If there is to be any power in our prayers, if our prayer is to get anything, the first thing to be sure of when we pray is that we really have come into the presence of God, and are really speaking to Him.”

How powerful are these words when you actually stop and think about them.  We often resort to prayer in times of loss, pain or desparation.  We call out to God.  But do we really stop to think about the true majesty of being able to make requests of the Creator of all Life and the implications of that?  Would you be so cavalier if you had the opportunity to meet and talk to the President of our Country?  To the Queen of England?  To a “hero” of a past or current generation?  You would probably be tongue-tied or just a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of that opportunity.  Yet we give so little thought to the way we approach our relationship with God.  There are even some who scoff that God is even there for them.  Yet, if you were about to breath your last few minutes here on this earth would you be so cavalier?  Or would fear or concern of the next transition cause you to have a greater respect for God’s presence?

Do you want to have God’s favor?  Would you love to have a guarantee of God’s grace when you do prayer for a need or desire?  The way to build that guarantee is to humbly approach God and to speak from the heart.  To make a concious decision to build a relationship with God during the course of your life.  To realize He IS the Creator, the Almighty and to respect the bigness of that.  God wants our worship.  God wants our praise.  God wants our gratitude.  God wants that relationship.  The question is –Do you?


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  1. Sushovan says:

    My Grandmother had a worry box…she would open this pretty liltte tin every night and caress the velvet lining. Then she would explain to any inquisitive child standing nearby that it was where she placed her worries of the day so that God could handle it. This brought back a memory so vivid that I had to share it with you…thanks for the memory!hugsSandi

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