A New Year Resolution?

So many times we feel that life somehow is never completely fulfilling our needs.  We work so hard at what we want and yet things always seem to go in a different and sometimes difficult direction.  Does this sound familiar?  I believe that there are a lot of folks out there that are searching for something that will provide meaning and happiness in their lives.  This is, afterall, what all human beings want.  To feel fulfilled and have inner peace is the goal.  Yet how many people really reach this level of fulfillment in their lives. 

We search and search and yet continue to meet dead ends.  Yet, finding and obtaining that inner peace – that sense of contentment– is attainable.  It is possible to feel this way.  It takes commitment and choice on your part to do what it takes to have a life of inner peace.  We try to find answers to life’s problems in very human terms.  We turn to food for comfort.  We turn to alcohol for relief.  We turn to drugs for mental obliteration.  We turn to sex and meaningless encounters in our search for love and acceptance.  Yet none of these things fulfills the emptiness inside.  They are second-rate attempts at finding that inner peace — for finding the joy in life. 

So, if none of these artificial stimulants work — then what is the answer.  Very simply… God.  Oh no, here she goes again…. I’m sure many of you are thinking.  Well, dear reader, I am sitting here in the comfort of my beautiful home, enjoying a wam fire, living a peaceful debt-free life, with lots of dear friends and looking forward to a very happy and healthful new year.  I know how to get and retain inner peace — do you? 

I work at keeping my relationship with God active and exciting every single day.  How?  I make it my mission to pray every single day.  I enjoy well written inspirational books and scripture.  I converse with God everyday.  I thank Him every day.  I look forward to every single day.  I verbally affirm my expectations to God and pray that He will guide me in that days activities.  I pray for others.  I start the day with the most important being in my life — God.  And you know what… He rewards me by providing incredible inner peace.  He rewards me by showing up with small miracles every single day. 

I equate my relationship with God as a nurturing living breathing life.  By doing so, my life is enriched.  I don’t find many things to stress me out.  I don’t encounter rudeness or discourtesies.  This is probably because I don’t have a rude or sour attitude.  I live my life expecting good things to happen, meeting pleasant people, and having a darn great day — and I get exactly what I expect!  

This isn’t difficult.  You just need to make up your mind that you will have a great life and pray to God to show you how to get that great life.  Be grateful for whatever is happening in your life right now.  The twists and turns that look like disasters are the turning points that will eventually lead you to that better life.  The twists and turns are sometimes (often) painful and confusing — but just trust that the end result will be better then what you are living with right now. 

Wouldn’t it be great if the new year could be your year to find greater inner peace, to enjoy the blessing of a great life?  You can have it.  You just have to make up your mind that is what you want — and go for it!  GO for God!

Dynamic Laws of Prayer;Dynamic Laws of Prayer

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