Wrath does not belong to you

“Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, ‘Vengeance is Mine, I will repay’ says the Lord. ‘But if your enemy is hungry, feed him, and if he is thirsty give him a drink; for in doing so you will heap burning coals on his head’  Do not be overcome by evil, but  overcome evil with good.” (Rom 12:19-21)

Wow, if only the world would take seriously the words that Paul spoke when quoting Jesus and the way we should address the injustices we feel we sometimes are dealing with.   Do not try and make the other person pay by you hurting them back.  Instead, allow God (and life) to decide how that person will pay for their evil actions or words that may have hurt you and others.

But yet we live in a world that wants revenge for what we feel are injustices.  Those injustices are many times only bruises to our egos.  We feel we’ve been insulted, or slighted, by another’s words or actions.  We are emotionally bruised.  I use the word “bruised” because many times that is all it really is– a slight, a bump– that leaves behind an emotional bruise or scratch.  Yet to us it feels like a strike in the face, a blow to the body, and a punch in our gut.  We can’t possibly live with that.  We must strike out and hurt back, shouldn’t we?  But the Lord said no.  Forgive the slight, the unkind word or act.  If the action was extremely cruel then God will handle it.  Trust me he does handle it in ways you will never see, but we do pay for our evil actions.  But Jesus was very clear when he told us to leave it to God.

Instead, treat your brother, the one who hurt you, in a loving and kind manner.  Wow!  Just the opposite of what we want to do.  We want to strike out, insult back, push back so we can feel justified.

But, imagine what life would be like if you never pushed back, but instead said, “I’m am sorry and I forgive you”.  This takes an immense inner strength, the courage to be the bigger person.  When in Romans 12 verse 20 “..In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head”  it means your kindness, your forgiveness will cause this person to actually see their careless words or actions as small (mean, bitter, unkind).  You act as a mirror when you respond in a direct opposite of what they might expect back from you.

Being a bigger person also leaves you with an inner peace vs anger or rage.  Learn to take the slings and arrows of life as a bigger person.  Leave the vengeance to God to make things right.  Believe in this truth. Your life will be better for it.


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