Try a spin with Nature

I am so blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest.  We have greenery year round that begins the tip of the Western part of the United States that leads to Alaska, a state whose beauty is beyond words.  But I, like you, sometimes forget the natural beauty that surrounds me everyday.  Instead, I get caught up in checking emails, comments from readers of my blog, paperwork that requires my attention, and a number of other activities that make up my day.  I do spend time each morning to thank God for all the blessings HE provides me and I do this in front of a view of my home that shows me the beauty I am surrounded with. 

In spite of this I sometimes don’t take the full advantage of just sitting outdoors in quiet respite just listening to the sounds of nature.  Today I spent over an hour just sitting in the shade of what will be a very hot day (expected to hit the mid-90’s) enjoying the wind, the birds chirping and just plain enjoying the beauty of my surroundings.  I didn’t have a laptop sitting in front of me.  I didn’t have my headphones for an IPod stuck in my ears.  I didn’t have a television blaring noise in the background.  Instead I sat in silence just listening to the natural noises of my yard.  I closed my eyes and just listened.  I also enjoyed the calmness of the light wind blowing on my skin. 

I purposely tried to erase all thoughts of the demands of my life and chose to quiet my mind and to try to just commune with nature.  Sometimes these communes serve me an opportunity to hear the voice of God.  For I know from experience that God speaks to me in a very quiet voice not trying to compete with the noise and activity that often makes up my day. 

I know that you, dear reader, are also battling with a lot of activities and especially the electronic noise that we’ve allowed to become our norm these days.  I would urge you to schedule sometime to just unplug yourself and commune with nature – even if that means just taking a walk around your home or office building.  Try to truly see and hear what is going on around you.  Take a moment to sit quietly and just breath in the beauty of your surroundings. 

Even if you are in a large metropolitan area where trees are hard to find, a walk around your surroundings will still do you a world of good.  I grew up in a large city and took advantage of sunny days and great weather whenever I could.  Remember when you did the same as a young kid?  Try to revert to those days and give yourself a break.  By doing so you’ll find that it calms the mind, it relaxes the tension and it provides a spur of energy you just might need.

Good luck and enjoy the balmly days of Summer!

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  1. Raeyven Rasheed says:

    I am going to spend some time in my backyard. It is a great backyard space that has a number of trees and shrubs. Have a cup of coffee and just sit in the quiet. Sounds good.

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