True Religion

“You don’t advertise your religion by wearing a label – you do it by living a life.”  I love this statement because I find it to be so true.  I dislike when someone “claims” to be of a certain faith and yet they know so little of the teachings of their faith because you don’t see it in their actions.  Actions always speak louder then words.  Kids know this.  That’s why they don’t listen to what adults tell them — they emulate what they see. 

When we claim to be good Christians, but we speak badly of others, we gossip or condemn those that don’t act or look like us – it is in complete violation of that faith.  I don’t want to see the bumper stickers — bumper stickers are cheap.  I want to see how kind your actions are towards others.  I want to see what you are willing to give up in time for volunteering or money to give to someone who is need.  I want to see the actions that Jesus himself exemplified to show us how we should live our lives. 

If you think that by attending a Sunday (or Saturday) service and carrying a bible around is what makes you a good solider of Christ I’ve got some sad news for you.  This doesn’t really cut it for God.  He wants to see you live your everyday life as someone who is walking the walk.  If Jesus stood by you and watched every action you took, listened to everything you had to say, would HE be proud of how you handled yourself?  Or would you be embarrassed by some of your own words and actions?  You may not be able to see Him at your side — but I got news for you — He is there watching and observing everything you are doing and saying.  He watches EVERYTHING!  I believe that if we lived our lives with the thought that we are being watched by our Lord in everything we do — how much greater would our lives be.  If we lived without the false lies we tell, if we lived our lives without the questionable decisions we make that we try to hide from others, if we lived our lives as if GOD was watching we would have nothing to be ashamed about.  We would be living in total integrity.  We’d have greater peace of mind.  We might even start living without the stresses of life.  We create those stressful periods because we are not living in integrity. 

I would challenge you to take just one 24 hour period and pretend that you have God sitting right next to you the entire time.  Consciously go about your day with the Lord watching and hearing everything you are doing during that period.  See if your life doesn’t start to change for the better by just those 24 hours of living in true faith.

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