The Wastefulness of Worry

I know that I have covered this subject a lot in the past.  But I find that it bears continuous repeating because it is a habit that many of us feel we have no control over.  This is a lie that we tell ourselves.  We do have the choice to worry or not to worry.  Many years ago I tried to figure out if worrying about a thing would actually impact a change.  I found out that it certainly did.  Whatever I worried about actually came about in my life.  Sometimes it took a while but sure enough eventually the inevitable happened — what I was worrying about manifested in my life.

I now know that the Law of Attraction states that what we think about on a continuous basis impacts our subconscious. This, in turn, tells the mind to accept these thoughts as the truth and, therefore, finds a way to have it manifest in our lives.  So if you are worrying about something going wrong in your life — guess what — you are attracting that thing to you. 

So you ask, how do I stop the worrying.  How do I switch this habit off.  As both a spiritual person who knows the laws of spirit and a logical left-brain individual who appreciates the science behind an action, I love to learn both sides of an issue.  When I realized that worrying wasn’t going to bring me a positive solution to a problem I made the decision, yes, you are seeing this correctly, I MADE THE DECISION that worrying was a great waste of time and energy.  I figured if I wanted to change or see a different outcome I was going to have to figure a different way to tackle it. 

Well, as many of you know who have been readers of my blog, I realized a number of years ago that I have really very little control of the outcomes in my life.  I will take control of my actions, my behaviors and my thoughts, but the final outcomes are really out of my control.   I can do what I feel is the right thing to do.  I can pray and ask God to help me discern what is the right path and decision to make, but I don’t control the final outcome.   I have come to realize in my spiritual journey that I have to rely on those that have even greater experience then me on many of these issues.  One such person, that I greatly admire because of her down-to-earth nature, her logic, and her humor is Rev Joyce Meyers ( .  I try to watch her half hour program several times a week.  Today she covered this very subject of worry and taking responsibility for what we allow in our minds.  I hope you find this session as enjoyable as I did.

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  1. Victoria,
    You and your blog are truly inspirational to me.

  2. frontline plus for dogs says:

    Thanks for the useful information! I would not have gotten this otherwise!

  3. Matilda Hataway says:

    I can’t say I completely agree, many thanks for showing the initiative to throw it up.

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