The purpose of Patience

Patience has to be one of the virtues we all have a hard time practicing in our lives.  Life today has become embued with speed and busyness.  When adrenaline is driving us internally it is extremely hard to exhibit patience and keep up with the pace of the world around us.  Yet patience is a key virtue to getting everything we want in life.  When we learn to practice patience and let our bodies relax, calm down, slow down… we physically destress ourselves, which is a good thing.   We find that in that destressed moment we can actually see humor in things going on around us.  If we’re stressed we are NOT going to see humor in anything. 

For those of us that desire to see our dreams and goals manifest in our lives the virtue of patience is absolutely key to getting want we want.  First and foremost we must learn to have spiritual and conscious maturity.  What does this mean?  Spiritual maturity is the understanding that we must rely on our relationship with God to help us achieve  the abundant lives we desire.  We must turn to prayer to build our spiritual relationship and to build our trust in God.  I am talking about our private and personal conversations with God.  God will answer all our prayers BUT they will be answered in God’s timing and his own way.  This is where patience enters into the picture.  We want to see answers to prayers today, right now, this very moment.  But this is NOT how it works.  God has His own timeline and methods in answering those prayers that are far beyond our understanding of how those prayers will be answered.   Sometimes our prayers trigger events in our lives we don’t we understand.  We feel that our lives begin to turn upside down.  What is GOD doing to me, we ask when this happens.  Patience and trust are key to allowing answered prayer to be played out in our lives.  Sometimes this patience must be exhibited for months even years.  But if we desire something greatly the waiting time — the patience we live with will make the outcome so much more sweeter.

When I speak of conscious maturity I am talking about the practice of patience we exhibit with one another.  Without this type of patience you will find yourself living in a state of frustration.  Frustration can often lead to a depressed state of mind.  Depression leads to unwise choices in our lives that only pull us further away from God and our desired life.   Can you see the spiraling affect that not practicing patience in our lives can lead to?   Patience is one of the most important virtues we can grow in ourselves. 

Patient people draw others to themselves.  They exhibit calmness and a level-headedness that is extremely attractive.  They typically have less problems with ulcers, headaches and even the formation of wrinkles!  Have I sold you on the idea that you need to work on being more patient in your life — I hope so.   How to practice getting more patience?  Take several deep breaths, close your eyes, and smile.

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