Tattered rags

The following parable is taken from the Daily Devotional:  At the Feet of Jesus by Joanna Weaver.  I hope you get a similar response to this parable as I got.  I will provide further commentary following this June 26 entry.

“The beggar could hardly believe his luck!  Just that morning he’d been prowling the streets looking for food, scrounging in Dumpsters, and begging at back doors of restaurants.  But tonight he would be dining with a king.

‘Your presence has been requested’ was the only explanation given by the driver of the long, black limo.

“When they arrived at the palace, a butler brought a set of new clothes for the man to wear.  The beggar changed into the garments but carefully rolled up the rags he’d been wearing and tucked them under his arm.  After all, he never knew when he might need them.

“That night the beggar sat by the king himself.  Rich paintings and expensive chandeliers hung all around him.  Bowls and platters of the finest food lined the expansive table.  But most beautiful of all was the kind attention the king gave the nervous man–asking him questions, drawing out details about the beggar’s life he had never shared with anyone.

‘I hope you will stay,’ the king said as the meal was about to end. ‘I would like you to consider this your home.’

“So the beggar remained.  Every night he dined at the king’s table–not as a guest, but as a friend.  Yet he insisted on carrying his bundle of rags everywhere he went.  For he never knew when he might need them.

“Many years later, when the man died, they buried him with his bundle of rags.  For the torn, tattered, rolled-up clothes had become his identity.  The ‘rag-man’, they called him.  And everyone mourned, including the king.

“For his friend, the beggar, could have been so much more if he’d only been able to let go of what he once was.”

When I read this devotional story I found it evoked tears to my eyes, because so many people accept the crumbs of this world and don’t realize that God has meant for us to live abundant lives.  The king in this story is God – Jesus.  If we accept Him and believe Him our world can change.  But like the beggar in the story we may come to accept a little bit of what God wants to give us but we cling to our past selves and believe that we are worthy of only limited living.  That what we had in our past history has to be what we must be in the present or the future.  What lies these are.  Yet we believe them to be true. 

True belief is understanding that God’s promise to us as found in scripture, in John 10:10 in Jesus’ own words “…I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.”  It is the Lord’s promise that we can have an abundant life if we choose to believe in Him.  If we choose to believe that He desires this for each one of us. 

Or you can choose to believe that you must live a burdened life.  That you must accept what the world says must be true.  I choose to believe God, NOT what the media and the world says must be so.  Because I choose to believe God — to follow His voice and not the voice of Fox News, I live a very joyful and peaceful life.  Is life a bed of roses — no, I still live in this world.  But the world does not rule my life.  I don’t allow it to determine my attitude.  I don’t allow it to destroy my joy.  I don’t believe the lies of this world that would make you believe everything is gloomy.  It is all nonsense designed to bring on unhappiness and sell more pain pills or ulcer pills for the pharmaceutals! 

But like the beggar in the story you can choose to hang onto your “tattered rags” or you can choose to throw them away… to release the past and start living today as a believer of good, as a believer of God.

My greatest desire for you, my dear reader, is to believe you can have an abundant life.  You deserve it.  But it is up to you to choose to believe it or not.

At the Feet of Jesus: Daily Devotions to Nurture a Mary Heart

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