Surround Yourself with Beauty

I have found that when my environment is filled with color, good design and beauty I feel a whole lot better then when I am sitting for hours surrounded by dull colors, a computer terminal and no way to to visually stimulate my senses.  Beauty can be found so easily in our world.  It is in nature, it is in the sound of the wind, the sound of the ocean at high tide.  We can see it in the cloud formations after a good heavy rain.  It’s in the design of snowflakes gently falling to the ground.  All these beautiful natural creations are all around us.  We can see it — but in a way we fail to see it.  We are so busy rushing around to meet made-up needs, self-induced pressures and added noise that we fail to see the beauty around us.  When we rush through life trying to get to the next place, meeting the demands of meaningless schedules we create such stress in ourselves that we miss the beauty that surrounds us.

Why is being in tuned to our environmental beauty so important?  Because it is designed to calm our senses.  Nature was provided to man to allow man to enjoy the sights, the smells and the sounds of nature.  We are part of that natural environment.  We’ve just lost our way in all the rush to get things done.  We rush with mad sensations to get to a spot where we can turn on the radio, the television, the computer or our blackberrys and drown ourselves in more noise.  Some us never leave the noise.  Some of us go to bed with all our electronic noise still running and then wonder why we can’t get any rest! 

We were built to have our sensibilities renewed by beauty and nature.  We are wired to need down time with rest, with peace and let our bodies, our brains and our nervous systems to slow down and recharge.  Beauty is designed to do a little bit more then just look good.  It’s designed to calm us, to provide joy and serenity into our hearts.  When was the last time you felt serene?  That trip to Hawaii five years ago doesn’t count.  It’s sad when we have to look at a vacation from our usual environment to provide us with a little bit of peace of mind.  We should be able to get peace of mind everyday from our environments. 

Look around you.  If you are not finding joy and internal happiness from your surroundings then its time to do something about it.  You may not be able to quit the job and its limited cubicle-self, but you can decide to brighten up the place and your home with those things that bring a smile to your face.  Maybe a picture of a special pet.  Enlarge it and have it framed — what better way to preserve a special moment from that special being in your life.  Bring live plants into your home or office to incorporate a small piece of nature into your environment.   Create a screen saver of a special memory or a place you’d like to visit in the future.  If you are living in a messy environment — clean it up!  Don’t wait for the kids to do it.  Don’t wait for your spouse to do it.  Take responsibility for cleaning up after yourself and making your homestead attractive again. 

If you don’t take the time to clean up, spruce up, bring color into your world, stop and smell the flowers — buy some flowers– you will continue to get further and further frustrated with the way things are.  You need beauty in your life.  Make a point to find  ways to bring beauty into your everyday world.  Your brain and soul will thank you for it.

I am one with almighty good.   My environment is glowing with radiant beauty, radiant richness, and radiant good.

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  2. Alberta Cremins says:

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