My Supply Comes from the Infinite

My supply Comes from the Infinite.  These words popped out to me today from my prayer work.  How very true this statement is for me.  How very true this statement is for everyone.  We just sometimes forget that every good thing we have in this life is given to us by our Lord, (Our Higher Power) our God, whichever name you choose to call that which provides you hope and truth in this life. 

As much as I pray and do a good amount of spiritual work during the course of my day, I too sometimes forget that God is the complete and only source of my supply.  I know this in the depths of my heart and soul, but sometimes I let the outer circumstances of this world blind me by all the distractions it puts before me.  Too much television, internet, radio and print news that focuses on the woes of the world begins to sap away the real TRUTH.  God is the only source of my supply.  This may be a little confusing for some of you so let me explain.  We are lead to believe almost from birth that we are completely in charge of our lives and that the outcomes of our success or failures all rest on just our shoulders.  While some of this has a partial truth to it, we do have the ability to make choices in our lives and those choices all have consequences.  However, we actually control very little in this life.  We haven’t even figured out how to predict simple weather patterns, more less control anything else in life. 

What we fail to realize is that from birth on our outer environment and the people in our lives have enormous influence on how and what we think and say and do.  And for those of you, dear readers, that have grown up in chaotic households I greatly sympathize with this challenge.  But as we grow older we definitely are able to make different choices.  Choices that bring us closer to the greater Truth:  God is the Source of our Supply. 

When I made the decision (and it does require individual decision) to learn a bit more about God and all the mystery surrounding HIS work and HIS WORD (the Bible) did I start to see the sunshine coming into my life.  Did it happen over night — NO.  But it certainly did happen and it continues to happen on an even greater scale everyday.  On this journey we call life, learning about GOD, growing the personal relationship that allows us to know more, see more, experience miracles in our lives will happen.  But this is a choice.  A choice that needs to have a pretty high priority in our lives.  WHY?  Because of the noise and distractions in this world that want to grab your attention, want to instill fear of the current and of the future, want to steal your joy.  The joy that only knowing GOD on an intimiate level can bring you.

So I urge you, dear reader, explore the choice of choosing a relationship with GOD.  Disregard all the noise you are bombarded with everyday.  Get away from the negativity you may be dealing with each day by those around you.  Be different, be distinct, be a person who seeks an abundant life — a life with God.

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  1. John Poppell says:

    So true. When we decide to know God, and not just about God, God supports us in this decision and journey. The perfect pace of unfolding grace is upon us. When we know God is our infinite supply we are no longer lost or fearful, we are found and peaceful. God is the cause of all effects. Focus on God the cause and the effects take care of themselves. Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven(within) cause, and all things shall be added unto you.(effects). Bless you, John.

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