Mother Mary

February of this year marked the 50th anniversary of the infamous British Invasion that took place when the Beatles came to the United States and played to the American audience on the old classic Ed Sullivan Show.  The world was turned upside down from the introduction of this iconic group.  The 2014 Grammys provided their audience with an opportunity to reminisce down memory lane by going back 50 years and introducing us again to that fateful day.

It was fun to relive that period.  I remember it well.  I too was extremely caught up with the Beatles that came to my radar in the Fall of 1963.  I introduced them to my grade school buddies months before they appeared on the Sullivan show.  One of the most touching moments of the Grammy tribute was the performance of Paul McCartney’s composition: Let It Be. 

I’ve heard this song hundreds of times over the last 50 years, and have it on one of the original albums in my collection. The grammey tribute provided some background on Paul. Having now the context in which this song was written gave it a whole different meaning for me.  Paul’s mother was named Mary.  She died when Paul was still a very young man of 15.  He adored his mother and this song is a tribute to the wisdom she instilled in Paul.  When I truly listened to words of Let It Be with this context of words of wisdom from a mother who was taken away way too early in her child’s life, it brought me to tears.

Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be.  These are words that instruct one to release from the heart any pain, anger, vengeful feelings that may result from life’s difficulties.  Paul’s mother instructed her son to release the need for revenge, to release the need to hate.  No matter what life throws your way – just LET IT BE.  What greater gift could a parent give a child then the ability to know that the secret to a joyful loving life is to release — to just LET IT BE. 

By the fact that Paul wrote this memorable, beautiful song many years later honoring the memory of his mother and her wisdom, tells me that he learned the value of releasing anger, vengeance and pain.  He followed his mother’s advise and the end result has been a remarkable incredible magical life. 


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