Having all the answers

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight”  Proverbs 3:5-6

How many times to we rely soley on our own thoughts, experiences and learnings to try to come up with solutions to our problems.  Pretty much ALL THE TIME.  And you can see how well that sometimes works, yes??  We, as human beings, are pretty arrogant in our supposed abilities to find answers and solutions to all of, not only our personal problems, but all the problems of the world.  We search our minds to find previous experiences where the outcomes come out pretty well (well, maybe not perfect – but it worked).  We look to others experiences and those become our mainstay for truth in a situation.  Hey, it happened that way for that cousin that lives 1,000 miles away – so therefore, it will happen to everyone else in a like situation.

We grasp at straws to find answers.  Those of us in business settings trying to fine new creative answers look to what have worked for others, and try to figure out how to tweak those solutions to fit our situation.  You can see how creative the field of entertainment is when you see “knock offs” of successful new programing or movies, begin to spin off by the dozens. 

We all want to believe that WE have the answers to the worlds ills.  But, the fact of the matter is that we don’t!  If you believe that your elected officials have all the answers then I beg to differ.  The reality is that we are all human beings struggling to try and figure it out.

Yet, the real answer is right there in front of us.  In a book called the Bible.  And for those that want to groan and say “oh no – that that again”-  I say GO AHEAD AND GROAN!  Moan, complain, curse, whatever you feel compelled to do to try to dismiss the ONLY book of answers — do it.  You don’t have to believe me, or anyone else.  But, keep on going doing it the same old way and keep getting the same old results! 

The fact is the Bible clearly tells us that if we have the faith of just the size of a mustard seed (and that is pretty damn little) you can move mountains.  But, do you really really understand what having Faith is??  I truly don’t believe many of us have that faith.  If you have REAL FAITH – you wouldn’t be losing sleep every night.  REAL FAITH means putting it in GOD’s hands and knowing, believing, trusting that HE WILL provide the answers.  REAL FAITH means knowing you are going to be alright in spite of a world of chaos.  We’d would rather surround ourselves with the “bad news” of television, media, gossip, newspaper, political and world commentary… then look to the “good news” that our faith can provide, if we let it. 

You know, we all of a choice of what we choose to believe and to do.  I choose faith.  I choose total trust in GOD.  I’ve seen the miracles HE has done in my tiny life and in others who stepped out in faith.  The choice is all yours.


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