God’s Ways are Not Our Ways

In today’s devotional message from Experiencing God by Henry and Richard Blackaby the following was provided.  I had to chuckle at the truth and wisdom of this message.  It is one we, as humans, try to force or control our destiny when we think we know what God should do next in our lives.  Enjoy the message and then we’ll continue.

“Rarely does God do something exactly as we think He will.  Our problem is that we try to second-guess God, saying ‘Oh, now I know what God is planning to do!’  Moses experienced this as he learned how God was going to deliver the Hebrews out of Egypt.  God told him He would harden Pharaoh’s heart.  Yet, the result was not what Moses anticipated.  Rather than allowing the Hebrews to leave, Pharaoh increased their hardship.  Rather than becoming a hero among the Hebrews, Moses was despised by them for bringing greater suffering.  Moses returned to the Lord and asked, ‘Lord, why have You brought trouble on this people?  Why is it You have sent me? (Exod. 5:22).  Much of the frustration we experience as Christians has nothing to do with what God does or doesn’t do.  It has everything to do, rather, with the false assumptions we make about how we think God will and should act.

“Have you ever done the will of God and then things seemed to become worse?  Moses completely misunderstood what the results of His obedience to God would be.  When things did not turn out as he anticipated, Moses became discouraged.  God had told Moses what to do, but He had not told Moses what the consequences would be.

“It is foolish to attempt to do God’s work using your own ‘common sense’.  God does not eliminate your common sense;  He consecrates it.  He gives you His wisdom so you can understand His ways.

“As you look back on God’s activity in your life, you will recognize the supreme wisdom in how He has led you.  As you look forward to what God may do, be careful you do not try to predict what He will do next.  You may find yourself completely off the mark.”

I could so relate to these words.  When life threw me a major challenge over three years ago, I felt I knew what God had in store for me.  It seemed logical for me to prepare myself for putting a major focus and more physical and psychological resources in enhancing my business life.  Afterall, a devastating divorce and God’s gift to buy my own home in the worse economical conditions this country has seen in years, lead me to believe that the next step would be to expand my working efforts to get my life back to its normal order.  What better way to work through the loss of my past life then to focus on creating a vital successful new life — right?  Well, God didn’t quite follow that same “common sense” approach that I had laid out for myself.  Instead, the day after I moved into my brand new home, I ended up in the hospital and underwent two brain surgeries, with more to come in the future.  God had a completely different plan in mind then mine. 

Now, I could have easily gone down a major dark dangerous slope of depression and fear and had some serious major words with God over this extreme course of events.  But, with the faith I had, and knowing that God would not desert me in this extreme time of need, I looked to Him in total surrender and let Him guide me on a day-by-day basis.  God did work everything out for me.  It happened with lots of twists and turns.  But never did I feel stranded by God.  Today, I am feeling healthy.  I have a beautiful home (yes, the one I moved into three years ago) and I don’t have any money worries. 

Did I have to be open to God’s plan in my life?  Yes.  Was the plan the one I initially thought it had to be?  No.  Did it all happen quickly and easily.  No.  I had to submit to God’s plan — to His timing and in His order of events.  He put me to the test of faith.  But I feel that I have passed the tests placed before me because today I live with the greatest sense of joy I never thought possible. 

The point behind this message:  know that if God doesn’t follow your human plan, it’s because He’s got something even greater in store for you.  You just need to learn to trust Him and hold Him close to you.

Experiencing God Day-by-Day: Devotional

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