Getting Rid of The Mushrooms

In today’s spiritual journal entitled: “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young, was a wonderful analogy that goes like this:  “If you must consider upcoming events follow these rules:  (1) Do NOT linger in the future, because anxieties sprout up like mushrooms when you wander there. (2) Remember the promise of My (Jesus’) continual Presence: include Me in any imagery that comes to mind.

“This mental discipline does not come easily, because you are accustomed to being god of your fantasies.  However, the reality of My Presence with you, now and forevermore, outshines any fantasy you could ever imagine.”

I love this.  When we start to dwell in thoughts of future events we rarely force our minds to think of these events in light of wonderful positive experiences and outcomes.  Instead, our minds will focus on the negative, on what could go wrong.  We have gotten so use to imagining things going wrong that we think this is normal.  It is NOT.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If we live with the imagery of God always present in our lives… take it a step further… imagine God standing right next to us, then what could possibly go wrong?  We have become so comfortable in living in the past or future that we rarely enjoy the present moment.  The present moment is where we feel joy.  Right now, this very moment, is everything good?  Unless you are on your way to the emergency room due to a serious accident or health issue like a heart attack, you are experiencing a perfect moment right now as you read this post.  I don’t mean to diminish possible hardships that you may be currently facing like a job loss or a health issue you may be living with, but I am asking you to examine how you feel right now — this moment. 

By lingering too much on the possible scenario of future events we can create a barn full of mushrooms.  I want you to embed this thought into your head.  When you start to play out future events in your mind, I want you to imagine you growing a field of mushrooms (the deadly kind).  That imagery should stop you dead in your tracks and bring you back to the present.  Keep practicing this. 

To allow peace to live in your daily life, imagine Jesus walking or sitting or standing next to you.  Imagine His kind voice telling you that you are perfect just the way your are right now, right here.  Imagine putting your anxieties about something that you may have to deal with into His hands and hear Him say “It is going to be alright”.  If you can remember to keep this imagery going you will find that peace of mind begins to permeate your life. 

When you allow yourself to start thinking in this way you will start to see external messages that will reinforce this positive life-affirming way of thinking.  I will share one personal experience that happen to me.  After several weeks of hospitalization due to an unexpected trauma in my life I was finally released to go home for recovery.  As a passenger in the automobile being driven by my brother, I was sitting in the back seat anxiously waiting to get to my new home.  As we left the hospital, located in a field to the right of the hospital exit, I saw a large billboard with the following words:  “Everything is going to work out just right – GOD”.  I was amazed to see this life-affirming message and delighted in being able to see this wonderful sign.  I didn’t point it out to my brother or anyone else in the car that day because I wanted to savor this message just for me.  However, I did want them to see the sign.  So the next time we had to return to the hospital for some follow-up, I was ready to show them the sign with God’s message.  However, there was no billboard with that wonderful message in the field.  It was obviously a sign just meant for me with God’s reassurance that I was going to be alright. 


Jesus Calling: A 365 Day Journaling Devotional

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