For every vitriolic word

“But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgement for every careless word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.” Matt 12:36-37

As I read an article about voter education and the outrageous amounts of money being WASTED (my words and perspective only) by those that use caustic accusing words and lies to malign others in the media, I was struck by what scripture would say about such acts.

Matthew 12: 36-37 were Jesus’ own words with respect to the words we speak about ourselves and about others.  Wow, how I wish I could post these words on the front page of a national newspaper, on a commercial screen on television,  or on the internet (oh wait, I am doing that!).  It breaks my heart to see such vitriolic (caustic, burning, of acid-like) words being spoken to condemn those that are trying to obtain seats within our national government.  And of course these caustic words are directed about the OTHER guy or gal.  NEVER about themselves (wouldn’t that be a trip to see — a candidate actually speak the truth of their own discretions and faults!).  No, instead millions of dollars are poured into these message centers to ruin or at least soil the reputation of another.  Dear readers, these are NATION BULLIES in full display!  Don’t kid yourself, when you use words to hurt another, to deface or ruin the good name or reputation (policitical candidate or not) you are showing your own true colors.  But, more importantly is what you are putting in front of God to address with you later.  And we will all have our own personal judgement day with our Lord.  None of us will escape that event, whether you choose to believe it or not, that day will happen.

Instead, we should look at such campaigns as degrading examples of national media bullies that have no good thing to remark about their candidate.  If a person has done good in their past life — then highlight those good accomplishments.  Show us the real nature of this person.  Show us the virtues that we can rely on for future decisions that will be based for the good of all our needs.  For this person will have that power.  So show us the good. STOP wasting millions, which should be used to benefit the needs our fellow countrymen, instead of WASTING these resources promoting evil, sarcasm and harm.  I would love to see a candidate tell me that they took the millions of PAC dollars and used it to fund food, or scholarships, or housing for those still in desparate need in this country. 

Can you tell I feel strongly about the insult such vitrioic campaigns have on the national mindset?  Can you tell that I will NOT ever vote for one who shows a character of such an inappropriate nature.  Show me the man or woman who has lived a life of strong integrity.  Show me the man or woman that has worked for the betterment of their neighbors.  Show me that you’ve WALKED the WALK and not just TALK the TALK.  Talk is cheap and talk will be your death in the long term.  But don’t believe me — look to the words of the greatest man whoever walked this earth, Jesus.



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