Finding Harmony – Part II

In the January 2011 issue of Prevention Magazine, Maria Rodale, CEO and Chairman of Rodale, Inc. wrote about finding a happy harmony in one’s life.  She believes that:  Being Nice, Believing in Karma, Being Strong and Brave, Rewarding Oneself, Laughing a lot, stop reading depressing books and watching violent television, Allowing yourself to feel desire and being grateful were key to finding harmony in life.  I believe that Maria hit on some very important values and behaviors that could make a huge difference in one’s life.

Deepak Chopra describes in his book, The Ultimate Happiness Prescription the seven keys to find daily fulfillment, qualities that are essential to finding inner joy.  This includes: getting in touch with your body’s needs, knowing your real self-esteem vs. self image, detoxifying yourself of toxic habits, relationships, emotions, etc., losing defensiveness, seeing the world from your reflection of your internal self, losing yourself to the present moment and understanding the keys to enlightenment: knowing God. 

Finding harmony is the only way we will be able to sustain any type of sanity in our lives.  We can try to find our happiness by being career or money driven.  We can strive to be the best in athletic or musical performance;  we can be so fully focused on having the perfect physical appearance with fashion and all the bells and whistles of outward success, but if your life is out of balance you are probably not able to answer a resounding YES when asked if you are truly happy. 

It is great to strive to be the best in your desired field, but understand that you need balance and harmony to make your life fully complete.  It is a balancing act.  If you are adding to your personal wall of trophy additional degrees, commendations of achievement – but not taking care of your body or spirit — you heading for an eventual crisis.   Only you know where you may be out of balance in your life.  Take an inventory of where your feel your are in the various areas of your life:

Physical:  You exercise and eat balanced nutritional meals as a normal part of your weekly schedule.  Social:  You have at least one good close friend and several others that you’d feel comfortable calling upon should you need help or advise.  Familial:  Your spouse or significant other is nurturing to your needs  and your children look forward to being with you.  Emotional:  You get daily rest mentally and have various opportunities during the week to enjoy a good laugh or emotional support needed.  Self-expression:  You have time every day or several times a week to enjoy a hobby or an activity that leaves you refreshed or nourished, or heard.  Spiritual:  You have a relationship with God that provides an inner assurance that things will work themselves out for the better.  Career/money:  You are comfortable with the work you are doing and the amount of money coming into your life.  You are not outrageously in debt for mindless consumption of stuff.  Personal Development:  you feel challenged because you have a keen desire to learn new things.

If you find that one or more of these areas are not what they should be this is where you need to put your focus to enhance and change that part of your life.  This needs to become a priority for you.  If you make improvements to your life — you’ll find yourself getting into more harmony.  And harmony equals happiness!

I would urge you all to be proactive in trying to learn more ways that you can find greater happiness in your lives.  For each of us different triggers will have more meaning then others.  For example, having a full social network of friends and having at least one or more special confidantes in your life is crucial to your well being.  Why do you think Facebook is so big???  We all want to network with each other — its just How we do that that differs.  No one person can live their life alone for too long without some community.  I find this social networking very easy to incorporate in my life.  Maybe this isn’t that easy for you.  This may be an area that should be key for you to focus on in your personal development plan. 

Do you feel stifled in your work situation.  Feel like you’ve reached a dead-end on what you are doing for a living.  Explore other options.  Find out what would make you feel more alive if you got to do it and make money at the same time.  There is no one who has a choke hold on your life except yourself.  If you say to yourself… “but I don’t think I can do it”.  I say “baloney” — if the idea has entered your head and you have the desire to be in that line of work, be connected to a different way of being — take the first step by learning more of how you can be that.  It only takes a little drive and initiative to take that first step.  You can’t walk through a new door if you refuse to get off the couch.  It’s time to get off the couch and walk toward a more harmonious life.

The Ultimate Happiness Prescription: 7 Keys to Joy and Enlightenment The Ultimate Happiness Prescription: 7 Keys to Joy and Enlightenment

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