Finding Harmony — Part I

Wouldn’t it be nice to have harmony in our lives all the time.  To be able to know that you live a life of inner peace.  Sounds almost too good to be true?  I believe we can all have harmony in our lives even with the responsibilities of raising children, managing a household, building a career, keeping our social life active and in general making a living.   At different points in our lives we have different priorities that place different and seemingly heavier demands on our day-to-day activities.   The fact of the matter is that no matter how old we are, what our list of responsibilities are, who we are accountable to, and what limitations we seem to face, the demands of life are always going to be there.  There is never an end point when you can say “I’ve arrived.  I no longer have any responsibilities or problems left in my life”.  Well, that may be the case when you take your last breath here on earth and go onto a more heavenly place.  But while you are here on earth — the challenges of living are always going to be part of your life.  It’s how you choose to react to the day-to-day that matters. 

Too many people I know live their life frantically.  They put their own internal pressures on themselves by thinking they need to try and control everything around them.  They CHOOSE to overload their days with busy schedules not leaving enough time to just stop and rest and relax for a few minutes.  They compound this with expecting everyone else around them to behave exactly like them.  If you’re not as busy running around like a chicken with its head cut off — your just not being productive in their eyes.  When asked if they are happy such individuals actually have to stop and think about the question.  Most times they answer “NO”.  They’ve gotten so caught up in the treadmill (visualize a small rodent running on a wheel inside a glass box) that they are running to the sheer exhaustion of their own lives.  The funny (or sad) thing about this is that this description covers young people, career professionals, students, empty nester’s, singles, married and even retirees.  It really doesn’t matter what stage of life the person is in — the frantic pace still prevails. 

The truth is we choose to live this way.  We choose to find rest in our day or not.  We choose to stop the noise that overwhelms our senses or not.  We choose to say NO to favors that add further demands on our time or not.  We choose to be slaves to our blackberries, our ipads, our computers and all the other electronic intruders we have in our lives or not.  We choose to listen to “squack radio”, television news and shows that boost their ratings by sensationalism, fear tactics and sexual titillation  or not.  Then we wonder why we can’t sleep at night, why we are already exhausted when we force ourselves to rise in the morning.  The fact is we are choosing to live our lives out of harmony. 

So what do we do to get back to a place where we see harmony again (or maybe for the first time)?  In part II of Finding Harmony I will cover some ideas that you can choose to incorporate into your life to get back to an inner calm.

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