Chill Out

As I write this most of the nation is experiencing record-breaking snow and severe weather conditions.  They are so bad, in fact, that cities have shut down completely.  We are forced to stop in our tracks and in essence “chill out”.  I have found in my life that God has an incredible way of getting my attention.  Part of this attention getting has been to stop me dead stop in my tracks.  I am by nature a very active and independent woman who has a myriad of commitments and obligations.  Even though I consider myself “retired” I still find I have a schedule that would make most shudder.

About five years ago God made it very clear that I was spending way too much time with distractions that He didn’t deem worthy of all my energy.  So He stopped me dead in my tracks.  I ended up in the hospital for a three week period and with an extremely lengthy recovery period.  I wasn’t even allowed to drive for six months.  Living on the West coast where driving is mandatory to get anywhere you have no idea how much my life was interrupted.  But, I realize now that this is the way God gets our attention.  If we don’t take the time to know Him and acknowledge Him in the manner He deems worthy, He will implement a way to get our attention.

I believe that when we experience things like these severe weather storms that shut down full cities it’s God’s way of saying “slow down, chill out”.  For how do we spend a day or days when we cannot get in our vehicles and get to the busyness of life?  We stay home, enjoy the kids (well maybe enjoy may be too strong a word), find ways to reconnect with loved ones that are now forced to slow down and stay in too.  This is God’s way of saying you have other priorities that may be lacking your attention, and now I am going to force you to pay attention to those priorites:  your family, your need for rest and sleep, your need to connect with ME, your God. 

During my down time five years ago, I found a whole different side to my life that I was way too busy to pay much attention to.  My life changed for the infinite better.  Today I am a different person because of that traumatic period in my life.  Today I know and take advantage of those “chill” periods.  So when life gets interrupted know that God is using this to tell you you have to “chill out” and pay attention to what you are ignoring in your life.

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