By Invitation Only

So many of us look to God for answers on what occurs in the world around us.  We cannot understand the ways of the world.   In our minds we ask “why does God allow this to happen?”  We will never totally understand the works of Mother Nature, the ways of man individually, and the ways of man in a collective entity, such as country and national leadership.  The only one we can control and try to gain further understanding about is ourselves.  We sometimes walk our way in this world as powerless beings.  But, in fact, we are NOT powerless.  We have one of the greatest ways of making our individual lives as great as they can be by our relationship with GOD.

But, you may ask, why doesn’t God just know what I want and fulfill my needs?  Well, I have only one question for you, dear reader.  Have you ever asked him for his help?  Have you extended God an invitation into your life?  I am talking about a real invitation, not just a cry of help in times of desparation.  I am talking about extending an invitation to God to enter your life and affect your personal world when times are feeling good.  It is during these times that God would feel flattered to be invited into your world.  Many times we invite him only for the “times of desparate measure” versus thinking we should invite Him when everything in life is going really well. 

The reality is that God doesn’t interfere in our lives.  He only comes by Invitation Only.  Until you open your heart and your mind and your mouth to invite God into you life will HE present himself.  Imagine God, the divine Father, as you would being a father (or mother) yourself.  If your child (a toddler or a teen) doesn’t want your help, they will resist your advise, they will insist on doing it their own way, and may even revolt by words or tears or tantrum to get you away from their activities.  As a loving parent you may feel slighted at best or highly disappointed and pained at worst.  You want the best for your child but if your child is fighting your involvement in their life or activity you cannot force yourself on them, unless you are willing to bear the outcome of revolt from that child.

God is very much like that with us.  We may be twenty or forty or seventy years old but we may still have it in the back of our heads that we can do it alone.  We don’t need God to interefere with what we are dealing with on a daily basis.  God, for some of us, is reserved for “times of desparation” or given a momentary nod once a week (at best).  Most of us walk around life and can’t believe why we are dealing with all the stress, all the anxiety, all the lack of financial security.  We can’t understand why our relationships are so hard to deal with.  We feel insecure around people we don’t know.  We feel scare of those that are different from us.  We feel alone and lonely not knowing how to solve the sad feelings we live with each day.  My dear reader, if you will invite God into your life, and by this I mean making a very real and deliberate decison to ask God to be part of your life, you will begin to feel and see a real difference in your life.  It may appear slowly or in some cases wonderful things will start to happen quickly.  You’ll begin to feel an uplifting of your spirit.  This is what God does when he’s allowed to become a real participant in your life.  When you allow God into your heart and you begin to be open to what HE wants you to do and be, you will be amazed how life’s difficulties become less and less.

Like the Prodigal son that returned to his father’s house after wasting away his inheritance on riotous living (we can all relate to that I’m sure) he was welcomed not with rebuke and rejection, but by a loving father that demanded that his returning son be given the best of clothing, a golden ring, a feast in his honor.  So happy was that father that he celebrated the return of this child.  So too, God rejoices in the returning or acknowledging of all his children wanting back into HIS house.  I am not referring to the need for someone to automatically be connected to a religion or a church.  Those are desires that may come later in your spiritual journey as God places that in your heart.  Right now just asking GOD to come into your life is a wonderful first step. 

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