God is your Source

God is your Source.  This is the title of a chapter in Edwene Gaines book, The Four Spiritual Law of Prosperity.  I found this concept of realizing that God is the source of all good in your life very enlightening.  We get so caught up in thinking we, or others in this world, control what happens to us.  We certainly have the responsibility of the consequences of our choices, but the source of all good comes from GOD.  We need only to be open to receiving from any and all venues.  This is the basic tenet of the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.  We cannot and should not determine the limited sources our minds create for where our good will come from.  When you realize how limiting that mind practice is you grasp why most of us deal with day-to-day financial issues.  Believe me I fall into this same trap, dear readers, so please don’t beat yourself up if you realize that you’ve been expecting your good to come from a specific avenue or two.  We usually think that we would be financially okay IF…. we get a promotion, we land the job we’ve applied for, the stock market hits a certain point, we win the lottery, get an inheritance from a rich distant relative….. etc, etc.  These are definitely possible avenues that could affect your financial status, but GOD doesn’t set limits to where your good will come from or how much.  HE is very able and willing to provide so much more to you from sources you know nothing about IF you are open to receiving your good.

The practice of tithing which we covered in a lot of detail in the last post is not just a “giving” concept.  When we tithe our sense of enrichment grows beyond anything you can imagine.  The sense of well being, the sense of empowerment, the sense of wealth grows within the person when they begin to tithe.  In her book, Edwene explains that personal development in growth through the practice of tithing can be compared to exercising.  To quote Edwene, “Just do it.  And don’t just do it one time and say, ‘Well, nothing happened.’  After all, you wouldn’t tell your trainer at the gym, ‘ I worked out one day, and it didn’t work.  I can’t see a difference’ “.   Like your decision to exercise to build muscle, to lose inches, to lose weight, you must make a mental decision to do the work.  So it is with tithing.  You must make the decision to put GOD first in your financial life.  It really is all up to you.  But, just like a person who works at keeping fit and trim, you can look at that person and say, ” I wish I look like that”, well you can, it’s your choice.  When you understand the prosperity of one who tithes don’t look at them and say “boy they sure are lucky”.  It isn’t luck it’s the decision to abide by an important spiritual law.

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance

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  1. This really spoke to me especially about limiting our minds. I have been moved in the direction of Stretching, as you stated God does not place limits on our minds. This is something we all know I think, but somehow lose sight of. Thanks for this information. 🙂

  2. Verdell Kipple says:

    It can be our purpose as wonderful Christians to support occur the term of Christ

  3. Daniel Ramirez says:

    I really love following these stories. It really brings something special the morning.

  4. fat burning says:

    Pretty subtle post. Never considered that it was that elementary. Praises to you!

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