Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity – An Intro

One of my most favorite speakers is a Unity Minster by the name of Rev. Edwene Gaines.  Edwene wrote a book which was later converted into an audio book by the title of “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A simple guide to Unlimited Abundance”. ( ) I found this wonderful audio book about three years ago and I never tire of hearing her words.  I was given an rare opportunity to see this lady in person just a couple of weeks ago at the Unity Church in Portland.  She not only conducted the service, she also held a workshop for those of us interested in this subject.

I feel compelled to share with you, dear readers, these four spiritual laws.  Obviously, trying to do all that in one post would be a bit much so I have decided to break up the four Prosperity laws that Edwene writes about into several posts.

I would also like to address another subject here which many of you have inquired about.  I write this post from my experience and my heart.  I know it may sometimes feel like I don’t write enough personal opinion (or so my readers have mentioned), but understand that EVERYTHING you read here is MY OPINION.  If I have not see the value of what I have written about actually manifest in my own life I could not feel comfortable passing this on to you, my dear readers.  I love to read but I also love to understand how to grow in faith and gain an even closer relationship to God.  I understand now as I have consciously examined what has happened over the years in my life that God’s hand is all over it.  I sometimes think we believe that our talents, our skills, our mastery over our life is all due to us.  That we alone have done it all and that the successes we’ve seen in our lives is all due to our mastering the world!  Well, I’m here to tell you, that you are just kidding yourself if you think YOU are the Master of the Universe.  All the wonderful things and lucky chances are God’s work.  The seeds of success that are planted in your brain are planted there because you are meant to accomplish those goals, your are meant to have that better life. 

If life, on the other hand, seems to always be a struggle you need to take a deeper look inside and see what wrongful thinking might be going on inside you which is creating these unfortunate events in your life.  Are you holding grudges toward someone or a group of people?  Are you living in a state of anger about past (or current) events and refusing to forgive and forget??  So long as you are allowing the bad stuff to linger in your inner thoughts and inner world (and only YOU know if this is happening), all the great stuff is going to have a harder time coming to you.  This, my dear readers, in a basic truth in the Law of Attraction.  You’re repelling your good instead of attracting it to you.

The Spiritual Laws that Rev Gaines writes about are powerful.  They are not always easy to hear and accept because some of it will push up against resistant ideas you may have been carrying for years.  But if you can keep an open mind and commit to doing these four basic laws you may find life open up for you in unimaginable ways.

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The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance

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