First Law of Prosperity – Tithe: we all give back

The most important law of prosperity whether we like the idea or not is to tithe.  The word “tithe” means a tenth.  So it has been interpreted that a tenth of all money, regardless of how we obtain it (payment for work, a gift, an inheritance, a refund) must be returned back to the original source – God.  For those of us who are not tithers this is a hard pill to swallow.  Rev Edwene Gaines speaks in her book about her difficulty in accepting tithing as a requirement to finding long lasting prosperity.  Her upbringing left an impact on her thoughts about this subject and as such, she was extremely reluctant to acknowledge this law.  As she explains in her book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, she was doing all the work her spiritual counselor had instructed her to do but still encountered difficulty in meeting her financial obligations.  One day, sitting among her pile of bills, and a checking account with a balance far less then what was needed to pay all those bills, she cried out in anger and frustration to God.  She wanted direction from Him on what she was doing or not doing to “have the doors of heaven open and be filled with more then what she could handle in abundance” as quoted in Malachi 3:10.  She took her bible and allowed it to open to any page where she would seek her guided answer.  Take a wild guess where the page opened up to – that’s right:  Malachi 3:10.  She read the words of that prophetic verse and then cried with even more frustration because she felt that she was in no financial situation to give up 10% of her funds to anyone.  She read this passage over 25 times before she finally struck a deal with God that she would do as directed for six months.  After all, if tithing was not going to work for her she wanted to know it sooner vs. later.  To quote Edwene, “That’s all you’ve got – six months to prove yourself in my life.  And let me tell you, Big Fella, the windows of heaven better open wide”.   And so she began to record every penny that came to her and she tithe to everyone or anyone that fed her her “spiritual nourishment”.  That spiritual nourishment could sometimes be a person she met at a coffee shop that took the time to share an idea or thought that reenforced God’s word.  She tithed in complete and full faith giving money away knowing full well it would leave her with not enough to feed her and her daughter.  For the first few weeks nothing happened, but she also realized that none of her worst fears happened either.  The electric company did not turn off the power, her car did not get repossessed, and somehow there was always food on the table. 

Then some very interesting things started to happen.  She started to received monetary gifts from relatives and friends she had not spoken to in years.  She overcame her pride and accepted such gifts with open hearted gratitude.  She had been tithing for several months when new ideas for some business endeavors began to pop into her head.  As she acted upon these ideas, she found herself bringing in an income that continued to grow.  Doors of opportunity began to open for her and her successes and income continued to grow.  Obviously, her joy and confidence also began to grow.  At the end of the first year of tithing, she had two successful businesses going, and had received more than $100,000.  Needless to say, Edwene will never stop her tithing.

But, you ask, what if we choose not to tithe.  Well, from Edwene’s experience and I can conclude this as well, that 10% that is meant to be given back, is going to be taken from you in one way or another.  The universe will find ways to take what is due.  It may come in the form of unexpected car repairs, in attorney bills for a law suit you didn’t see coming, in an unexpected medical or dental bill.  The cost to replace an engine in your boat, the cost to repair an unexpected plumbing issue in your home…. you name it some how you are having to pay that money out and the choice is no longer yours. 

There are often many questions that arise on this subject.  Edwene covers many of these questions in her book.  I will cover only a few here.  These are Edwene’s answers taken directly from her book:

What is Spiritual Food?  Spiritual food is that which inspires us, teaches us, reminds us of the Truth, and causes us to remember who we really are.  It is the infilling of spiritual energy that reconnects us consciously to the awareness of our own innate divinity.

I believe that many people walk around with a hunger – a hunger for a deeper spiritual faith and for a great realization of mission, purpose, and identity.  The spiritual food that can feed this hunger can come in many forms.  For example, it might be the uplifting message of an inspirational book or the feeling of joy from a beautiful piece of music.  Whatever the form, you know you’re being spiritually fed when you feel your heart sing.

What is the purpose of the tithe?  The purpose of the tithe is not to build churches or to pay ministers’ salaries, although tithes do help to do these and other good things.  The real purpose of the tithe is to acknowledge that God is the source of our good and that we are aware and grateful for the good in our lives.

God doesn’t need my money.  Why should I tithe?  Of course God doesn’t need your money.  You need to give because tithing is a beginning discipline in giving and receiving.   It increases our faith and pushes us through conscious fear.  When we tithe, we give back to the universe, and when the universe gives back to us, and more, we learn that we cannot outgive God.

Why 10 Percent?  The first recorded tithe in the Bible is discussed in Genesis 14, when Abraham took his tithe to his spiritual teacher, Melchizedek.  We are not told why 10 percent, only that it is 10 percent.

What if I receive spiritual food from several places?  Most of us do.  It seems perfectly logical to split our tithe and send a portion of it to all those persons, places, and institutions that have fed us spiritual food.

Do we tithe net or gross?  The answer is found in the question, “Do you want to prosper a little or a lot?”  My suggestion is to tithe on gross.  My belief is that the more you give, the more you surrender in faith to God, the more you receive.  When you tithe gross, you’re telling God you’re serious in your commitment to prosperity.  When I tithe gross I can almost imagine God saying, “Whoo-ey!  I got me a player here!”

Can I be excused from tithing?  I’m retired (on welfare, unemployed, in school, etc) and on a fixed income.  In God’s mind, there is no such thing as a fixed income.  Besides, if you consider yourself on a fixed income, it is because you fixed it with your belief system.  No one is excused from obeying spiritual law.  Lack of faith will cause you to justify not tithing, but that thinking will keep you from your unlimited abundance.  Affirm instead that your good is unlimited.

Tithing is not charity.  When you first start to tithe, you may assume that you should give your tithe to charity.  But that is not true.  Giving to charity is a very kind and generous thing to do, but it isn’t a tithe.  Giving to charity is above and beyond your tithe to God.

In my next post I will cover Tithing in your own life and more from Edwene Gaines wonderful book, The Four Spiritual Law of Prosperity. 

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