Financial Obligations: A critical change

How many of us look forward to seeing the bills pile up on our home office desks.  The usual reponse to receiving a bill, an obligation that we know we have to address every month, like our rent or mortgage, our cable bill, etc. that comes like clock-work each and every month, is a groan.  Our reaction to these bills is typical of what most folks do.  They moan, complain that the bill has arrived, and throw it on a pile of other bills to address some other time.  In other words we despise these little pieces of paper that represent our financial obligations.

But do you realize that when you resent, despise and have regret toward even these non-living entities that we are giving energy that clings them to us even more.  The law of attraction states that whatever you give emotional and mental energy or power to will be even more attracted to you and will continue to manifest in your life.  So how should we to react to these bills to get them to be minimized in our lives?  First and foremost:  STOP CRITIZING YOUR FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS! 

Think about it.  What do these bills really represent.  They are for payment of the good things you’ve already received.  You got the water coming out of the shower for that daily hot bath you enjoy.  You got to keep your home warm and enjoy the comfort of television because you got to plug things in and use electricity.  You get to enjoy the feel of freedom every time you drive your car on an open road.  You are enjoying the freedoms of your life because you have them available to you.  There is a small price to pay for these freedoms.  There is a price to pay for the willlie nillie method by which you choose to use your credit.  There is a price to pay when you decided to use your emergency fund to take a wild fun vacation.  The price must always be paid but it doesn’t always have to be painful. 

Once we begin to praise our financial obligations for the goods and services they provided you, you’ll find that you no longer groan at the thought of making payment.  Your attitude toward your bills and toward your money make all the difference in the world. 

In her book, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, Catherine Ponder writes about Resentment and Fear Causing Indebtedness.  “No debt is good if you resent or fear it, because such an attitude causes it to become a burden.  The thought of burden often stops the flow of substance into your affairs, as well as hindering the flow of new, prosperous ideas in your thinking.  When the flow of substance is halted in either of these ways, you are then unable to meet your bills, and panic and resentment take over.

“So long as you do not resent or fear financial obligations, you can maintain mental and emotional control over them in your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.  When you maintain a feeling of control, not feeling helplessly bound to debts, you keep the way open for the rich substance of the universe to flow to you – in expected and unexpected ways – making it possible for you to meet each obligation.

“It is axiomatic that if you ‘look up’, you will always be provided for.  Surely uplifted thinking, free from fear, resentment, and condemnation, is necessary in order to maintain a debt-free existence.”

I know you are saying to yourself –  “but I have more bills right now then I can handle.  More then I have money to pay them with”.  There are two recommended actions to help bring more substance into your life to help pay off these debts.  One way is through tithing.  You can read more about this method in my May 3, 2010 post titled “First Law of Prosperity:Tithe-We all give back”.  Another solution that you can use today with the bills sitting in front you to pay is to affirm each bill with the words:  I praise you as the perfect creation of divine bounty now.  This praise is designed to reflect the value of the bill you owe to an amount you desire to manifest in its stead.  Pay your bills with praise in mind and you will find that your money will go a lot further and you will begin to see unexpected financial surprises enter your life.  

Please don’t forget – when those financial surprises show up — don’t forget to say “thank you”.  Gratitude is extremely important for the law of attraction to work for you in a very positive way.

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