God At Work

I love to share those small articles or messages I find in my daily readings that I think will benefit my readers.  So I hope you will find the following message inspirational as I do.  This is taken from the July 19 entry of A Daybook of Grace. 

 “It is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose (Phil. 2:13)”

“The Lord doesn’t promise to give us something to take so we can handle our weary moments.  He promises us himself.  That is all.  And that is enough.” – Charles Swindoll

” A father and his young son returned home after a trip to the grocery store.  The son loved being with his dad and wanted to help him finish the chore.  In fact, he wanted to carry the largest bag–which was much too heavy for him–inside.  The father had a simple solution.  He put the bag in his son’s arms and then picked him up and carried him both inside.

“What a lovely picture of how our Heavenly Father works within us.  He loves our willingness to take on any assignment.  But He knows what we can and cannot do in our strength.  When the load is too heavy, the assignment too big, He honors our willing spirit by lifting us up and allowing us to do His work.  He empowers us to accomplish more than we can in our own strength. 

“Do all you can–but realize it is God’s power working through you that makes the difference.”

There are times in our lives when we feel compelled to do things that are outside our comfort zone.  Many of the those that choose to volunteer understand that this compellling feeling.  It is especially true when it’s volunteering to do something that may not be within your level of expertise.  But something is pulling you to go the extra mile.  You see this when people are called to help others in need, be it at areas of disaster like those affected by storms and hurricanes, or to provide blankets and food to a shelter.  There are even some of us who step up on a regular basis to provide counseling or a listening ear to those who need a friend or mentor. 

If you are ever called to act outside your comfort zone to provide for another, but doubt you have what it takes, do not fear.  This is God’s voice calling you into action.  He will provide you with the strength, the wisdom, and ability to help if you step out in faith and heed his calling.  The amazing thing about this is the incredible feeling you will experience after the deed is done.  You are left with an immense feeling of well being, of a joy that cannot be described.  You have accomplished what you never would have dreamed possible.  This is God’s hand in that work.  This is God’s strength, God’s wisdom that he is providng through you.

So the next time you feel that internal calling–that internal compulsion that you don’t know where it’s coming from– know my dear reader– that is God calling you.  Take a risk and follow the call.  You will be amazed at where it leads.

To those of you that have experienced this, please share your experiences in the comments section of this blog post.  Your experiences of following God’s voice in sharing with others will be impactful in itself.  Thank you for being a reader of my blog.

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