Blessings change everything

A dear friend of mine recently told me about the challenging time she was having with what is commonly known as “a difficult boss”.   Differences in personality styles and their impact on communciation often leave us pretty frustrated when we don’t always see eye to eye on issues.  It’s even harder when work decisions affect so many in the workforce.  Talking to her brought to mind a similar type of situation I faced many years ago with a manager that was from a different background then mine and had a more dictorial work style then I was used to dealing with.  I found myself getting more and more unhappy with my work and no longer looking forward to the projects and activities that had so often given me joy.  Just showing up for work seem to become a struggle.   

Then I read a chapter called The Ancient Secret for Happy Living:  the Art of Blessing from Catherine Ponder’s book titled, The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages.  In her book the practices and beliefs of ancient peoples are noted and quoted from scriptures found in the Bible.  She indicates that in the Book of Genesis…”the act of blessing was the Hebrews’ favorite method of prayer”.   She further notes…”The dictionary explains why there is dynamic power for good in the simple act of blessing.  To bless means ‘to make holy or whole by spoken words’.  To bless means to ‘ask divine favor for some situation or condition.’  To bless means ‘to wish a person or situation well’.  To bless means ‘to make happy or prosperous’.  To bless means to ‘gladden, glorify, praise’.  How often have you condemned, criticized, or cursed a situation and only brought forth more problems and unhappy experiences from it?  Whereas, if you had dared to take the opposite view and bless the situation, you would have activated the omnipresent good within it, and witness a happy result.”

I read these words and found myself baffled at the idea of blessing someone who had continually caused me such grief!  But being a student of Catherine’s spiritual works I decided to try blessing this very difficult person.  I blessed her and asked that her life be filled with happiness and abundance.  I prayed that her life would be filled with joy and success in anything she endeavored to do.  I blessed her everyday for a couple of weeks.   I would never have believed the results had I not seen it with my own eyes.  This previously difficult person suddenly became very open and empathetic towards me.  Our relationship so turned around that I became a close confidante of hers and found that my ideas and proposals toward projects were suddenly being heard and validated.  All because I finally stopped being critical of her and instead started to bless her. 

Do these techniques work – absolutely!  We find it so very easy to want to give blessings to those that are kind to us, to those that we feel warrant our blessings because their behavior complements what we think is appropriate.  But to bless a person or situation that is completely contrary to what we believe is right or one that disturbs our sensibilities is not very easy.  Yet, if we let go of our offended ego and actually bless them you will find that the relationship and/or situation will clear itself quite nicely.  Try it – you’ll like it!

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