Why Did He Come?

As I write this post on the eve of Christmas I spend time to focus on the reason why Jesus was even born.  Yes, we all know the ultimate reason for Jesus’ birth and the ultimate sacrifice He was to make at the age of 33.  Yet, I believe that we really have lost sight of WHY He really did choose to be born of this earth as a fragile human being and to undergo a life of focused dedication and then a death of intense suffering. 

He was born to lead us as an example of how we should live our lives.  Jesus was a brilliant individual.  We know so little of how He grew up and His education.  We are privvy to His life once He turned thirty and began His true ministry in the world.  But Jesus grew up as a beloved child.  He was given the best of educations.  He learned the “the Secrets” of true manifestations that later served Him as He began His ministry.  He was a man dearly beloved, and a real example of the Attraction factor by His kind and loving personality.  He always gave to those who asked of Him.  Along with meeting the required taxes and tithes of His day (for those existed then too), He gave to anyone who approached Him.  He gave unconditional love, shown in the healing miracles He provided when asked.  He never turned anyone away whether they were the lowest of the low in that caste society, a small child, or the richest of men.  If they approached Him with an open and desirous heart, He was there for them.

Because He was such a loving man, doors were opened to Him.  We never read or hear of Jesus’s owning property.  He didn’t need to.  He always was welcomed by those who believed He was the Messiah.  He didn’t need to own anything.  He wanted for nothing.  Anything He wanted was His.  Yet, Jesus chose to live simply.  He was more focused on WHY He was sent to do, then the accumulation of fame and fortune.  He came to be a living example for all of us.

Today and tomorrow we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  We see His birth as a humble tiny defenseless child born in a manger which in Jewish tradition would have been unheard of — but the birth of Jesus was unique.  The life of Jesus was unique. From the moment of His birth to the moment of His human death we can see examples of an extraordinary man who was born and died for us to learn how to be — how to live correctly in this world.  My question to you is:  Was His birth and life in vain?

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