When you help others

I had a wonderful experience happen these last few weeks, one of many I often encounter.  A friend who, as so many of us are experiencing, was caught in the struggles of our economic challenging times and desparately needed to find employment.  This is not an experience that any of us have not gone through ourselves.  But it does not need to feel like a hopeless time.  I knew that she and a couple of other friends were looking for jobs.  Knowing this I began to forward all known opportunities that come to my attention.  As a former human resources professional this is just a normal way of being for me.  And as a woman of faith I also know it is my duty to help others in any way I possibly can.  So when the notification came to me that a job fair was going to take place one afternoon in a nearby hotel, I made sure I passed on this vital information to those that I knew were looking and those who told me they had friends or relatives looking for work.  I took a further step and wanted to know which employers were to be present at this job fair.  Knowing the business community pretty well here where I live I knew that some of the best employers were going to be there.

My friend who so desperately needed to find work had already had to release her Internet service to conserve money.  So this email had to be sent to another friend with the note that this information be specifically be passed onto my friend.  Bottomline the message was passed, along with the list of employers, and my friend went to the fair and targeted only two employers.  Within days she was interviewed and offered a full time job from one of her two employer picks. 

With tears in her eyes she thanked me for thinking of her.  She said there would have been no way she would have ever known of this job fair and that this employer was even looking for applicants.  She was down to almost losing her apartment because of her loss of funds.  As I held her in arms I told her that God works in small subtle ways.  The smallest kind gesture from another can make the biggest difference in some one’s life. 

In these times of challenge,  in these times of struggle, we cannot forget to keep others in mind.  We can easily get swallowed up in our own issues, that thinking of someone else’s plight may be the last thing we think of.  When, in fact, we can find our truest joy when we STOP thinking about only ourselves and begin to focus living of live of service.  What can we do today to help someone else?  The rewards of living a life where you are always aware of others needs and what small gesture you can do to help them, if you can, will reward you with a life of great joy.  There is no way to describe the level of joy God will settle in your heart when you live in this manner.


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