The Truce of 1914

“It happened in the midst of the fiercest fighting of World War I.  The story most remembered was that a German soldier began singing ‘Stille Nacht’ and his solo soon became a chorus as he was joined by English voices singing ‘Silent Night’.  A British regiment serenaded the Germans with ‘The First Noel’ and the Germans sang back to them, ‘O Tannenbaum.’

“Men from both armies laid down their weapons and crept cautiously and then quickly into No Man’s Land to share food, cigars, drinks–and even play a game of soccer together.

“Funny how a song about the Savior’s birth became a rallying point for peace–right in the middle of a war.  But that’s exactly why the Baby was born: to bring ‘peace on earth.”

This story was taken from the Devotional, A Daybook of Grace.  I loved this story because it reminds me that we all have similarities in wanting peace in our lives even in the midst of the most difficult times.  

Yet, it also brought tears to my eyes when I think of the discord that exists not just in the world but in our own country–among our own leadership.  I do not find anything honorable about hate, discord and words of malice.  Yet, it seems we have an underbelly of such scheming to overtake this country with such unrighteous behavior.  

I pray each day that our leaders, those in power and those individuals who have power over others, including adults who have power over their children, stop to reconsider their words and actions when they feel they are being challenged.  Stop to seek the peace in the situation instead of the inflammation of emotional battle.


A Daybook of Grace: A Year of Devotions to Draw You Near to the Heart of God





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