The Grandness of One Heart

I know that many of you readers may have watched the last “hurrah” of the Oprah Winfrey show this week.  I was particularily struck not by the number of celebs that graced her “good bye” stage, but by the common folk who, through her generous spirit and grandness of love, were affected by life changes too many to mention.  Imagine the impact of just one person’s grand spirit and the enormous impact that one person had on the glorification of making of difference in the world.  Imagine if that same sense of spirit was even in every other person on this planet. What an impact it could make on this world. 

I know many of you are thinking, “Yes, but she’s rich.  She has millions to work with to make a difference”.  I would beg to differ.  You can be wealthy and have millions and make nothing but a mess of your life and the lives of countless others.  Look at the greed and the impact one man named Bernie Madhoff made.  What is the difference?  The internal heart that one chooses to live by.  A personal code of ethics that says “I am here (on this earth) to serve”.  This service can be done in any manner of ways.  I would argue that because of her generous and giving and loving spirit God bestowed multiple blessings onto this woman’s life.  And because God bestowed even one small blessing – Oprah began her life of giving back.  Giving back could mean a giving of your time.  It could be a giving of a compliment.  In her case it began as a giving back acknowledgement to others.  Letting them know that they were “heard”.  Oprah has a beautiful way of letting others know she “hears” them and “honors” them.  THIS IS WHAT MADE HER SO POPULAR.  The wealth and fame came later as God rewarded her back for her generous spirit of giving. 

Understand that Oprah could have easily chosen to not give as generously has she has and she would still be a well known celebrity.  There are many well known celebrities that don’t possess the grandness of generosity Oprah has.  And they are living well.  Well maybe not has well as Oprah. 

You see dear reader, you can’t outgive God.  You may pour out a blessing continually by your tithes, by your contributions in food, clothing, money to charitable causes, you may pour out hours of volunteer effort, and you will always be rewarded.  You can’t outgive God.

Here is an example of one other person who has a similar “grandness of heart” in her life.  A lady by the name of Jeri who provides volunteer hours each day at a local hospital here in Southwest Washington.  She works (volunteers) as an administrative assistant to the hospital’s chaplain and the Spiritual Care Unit (which consists of lots of volunteers).  She shows up everyday and works for free each morning.  Jeri has donated over 4500 hours of her time over the last five plus years.  She is friendly and prosperous.  She travels to exotic lands when she does take time off from her efforts at the hospital.  Many times to do volunteer work at those countries. She touches the lives of many in her simple work.  Simply being there to serve in the way she is happy to do so, makes all the difference in the world for that hospital unit and the people she touches.  You never see Jeri experiencing a bad day.  You can always count on her having a smile and kind word to share.  You see Jeri is blessed because she has a huge generous heart.  Her life is full and meaningful because she serves with a generous heart. 

My point is that you, dear reader, can also be just like Oprah and Jeri.  It’s your choice.  You can give (even a little) to where your heart beckons.  You can choose to follow that beckoning call (your spirit calling!) or you can choose to say “no, thanks”.  The choice is up to you.  But, know if you follow that heart’s beckoning your life may just open up to you and the generosity of the universe may begin to pour down blessings.  Wouldn’t THAT feel good!


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