I’d like to take a moment to talk about the concept of being respectful toward each other. This seems to have gotten a little off skewed lately. It doesn’t take much to show respect toward another person. And I can guarantee the more respect you show toward others the more respect you will see in your own life. The issue of civility was loudly spoken in action  from the most recent tragedy that Americans are now facing – that of the senseless shootings in Tucson, Arizona. Whether the act of violence was triggered by insanity, a paranoiac psychotic mind gone over the edge, or through thoughtful intent, well planned by the shooter, it doesn’t matter. The act was done. People were murdered. End of story. The sad reality is that this individual had allowed himself to live with disrepect for many years. How do I know this. Only a person who has been living with inferior feelings about themselves, living with guilt, with anger and a sense of intense rage could be capable of deliberating planning to go to a public event where large numbers of people would be present and go with the full intent of shooting.

No one who understands the importance of respecting human life, is capable of such a heinous act. Human life means nothing to one who kills another human being just because he or she feels like it. The question is how can such rage remain unchecked for the time it took to escalate to this point. I guarantee you that if this man had been shown respect from others and had valued respecting others, his unhappiness would never had escalated to the point of murder. I caution that if you or someone you know is exhibiting this level of anger, despondency or rage, please take action to speak to this person. Try and find out what is causing this rage, anger, or despondency. Maybe your inquiry could actually help this person from further pain and misery.

If you see such behaviors from a family member this may be an important signal you need to bring to someones attention. Ignoring signals, insulting or browbeating a person who is exhibiting such behavior isn’t the answer. This only fuels the flames of their anger, rage and/or despondency. Bring this to someones attention. Let that person know that you care about them enough to want to help them, even if you don’t know quite how. Ask them what you can do that will help them. Sometimes you just need to be the “ear” for that person. Like a balloon that is about to burst, talking out those deep seated feelings are needed by that person. They NEED to be heard. In the case of  Jared Loughner, he spoke loud and clear on January 8, 2011.  His actions spoke for him.  He burst into murder.

If you are experiencing such feelings. Talk to someone. Even if you are not suicidal you can reach out for help through suicide tip lines. They will find the right help for you. You don’t have to be a casuality of life. You are worthy of more then that. You are worthy of having respect.

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