It’s so easy to ignore….

It’s is so easy to ignore the needs of others until it hits your own home.  Then the hardship of others becomes real.  Today we are living with lots of angry voices and those that choose to ignore what the underlying reason for this anger and outcry.  It is so easy for us to criticize the actions of others if we cannot relate to the pain or their suffering.  It is easy to criticize and make statements like “they should just get a job”, “they shouldn’t have gotten themselves into financial trouble”, “they shouldn’t expect others to pick up the slack”.  These are statements of judgemental attitudes that do not understand that the human suffering we are seeing today is amassed into the millions.  Until it happens to you personally, will the true understanding of this suffering become real.

We are all responsible for the betterment of our society.  We are responsible for one another.  God has given us great lives.  When we are hurt others are suppose to have a heart to help.  We must rely on each other.  Without compassion, without caring, without love we are nothing.  We will never experience true happiness and peace of mind if our attitude towards others is “I don’t give a damn about them”.  Let’s be real — if you don’t care for others this is typically what you’d be known to say behind close doors.  If your life isn’t being affected — you can easily ignore the man with the sign on the street begging for food.  You are likely to belittle or criticize the growing numbers of homeless.  You are more apt to feel bothered by all the noise of crying voices.

The reality is that from one day to the next that can be you on the street.  That can be you needing to ask for a hand to feed your family.  That can be you no longer able to afford medications needed.  That can be you saddled with a disabled spouse, whose income you no longer depend on.  It can happen to anyone of us.  It’s critical to understand this reality.  It is critical to know that if you are not experiencing these difficulties in your own life right now — you are one of the blessed ones. 

This is a season of excess when many of us go into senseless debt to buy gifts for each other.  Instead consider buying gifts for those who have some much less then yourself.  Consider buying toys for a needy child.  Consider providing food donations to your church or food bank.  These are the acts that Christmas and this season are all about.  Even more importantly, take steps to support those less fortunate then yourself even if it just means getting politically or socially involved.  Volunteer your time or talent to a needy cause.  I guess what I am suggesting is to stop being selfish and start thinking and caring for the others in this world that are suffering.  You don’t need to be concerned about what is happening half way across the world — just look across your street and see what is happening right in your own neighborhood. 

The best way to celebrate Christmas is to be Christ-like — be concerned for others.  Remember we are all brothers and sisters in this world.  And a day will come when you too need help.

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