I Packed Your Parachute

From the Daily Devotional titled A Daybook of Grace I quote the following.  I felt that the story provided was a great subject to focus on.

“Charles Plumb was a U.S. Navy jet pilot in Vietnam.  After seventy-five combat missions, his plane was shot down, and Plumb parachuted into enemy territory, becoming a POW (Prisoner of War).  He survived his ordeal, however, and eventually returned home.  While eating in a restaurant one day, he was approached by a scruffy-looking man who said, ‘You’re Plumb!  You flew jet fighters in Vietnam and were shot down!’

‘How did you know that?’ asked Plumb.

‘I packed your parachute,’ the man replied.  ‘I guess it worked!’

‘Plumb couldn’t sleep that night, thinking about the unknown man who’d saved his life.  From that day on, he determined to always take notice of–and say thank you to–those who ‘pack his parachute’ each day.

‘Make the most of each day by thanking those who ‘pack your parachute’ and by making an effort to do the same for someone else.”

I loved this story.  It reminded me that each one of us, no matter what we do for a living, whether we are paid compensation or not, and how we approach our daily actions, affect so many others.  We will never know who or when we affect lives.  We sometimes think our actions, our words, or our efforts have little or no impact.  But we are wrong.  Everything we do and say in this life effects another.  It could be the smallest gesture, the simplest word that could make the biggest difference in someone else’s life.  Remember, you don’t know who is observing you.  You don’t know who hears your words.  Even those that are not necessarily meant to hear your words DO hear them and are affected.

If we choose to live our lives in the best way possible:: avoiding critizing others, avoiding making snap judgements, avoiding letting everything in life tigger our anger, we can make not only other’s lives better, but we improve the quality of our own life.

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