The geatest blessing one can have in their life is a number of close and true friends.  Some of us are blessed to have up to a handful of old and trusted friends.  Some of us are blessed to have maybe only one dear and valued friend.  Some of us may have even married our dearest and best of friends.  Some of us can name a blood relative as our closest and dearest friend.  And there may be some of us who do not at the moment have such a dear person in our lives.

Possessions and wealth come in and go.  All material things lose their shine and sometimes even their value in our eyes over time.  No amount of money can replace the fond memories of close friends.  Yet, it seems that for all the importance our friends have in our lives we sometimes don’t provide them with a tremendous amount of time or appreciation.  We sometimes assume our friends will always be there for us.  They will be around for when we finally find a moment to give a call or to meet up for a long needed break together.  How sad that sometimes those periods can be years in the passing.  When was the last time you made a conscious effort to call your dearest friend to arrange some time together? 

It doesn’t matter that you “tweet” or you post a facebook message to your “friends” on line.  None of that artificial relationship building compares to the face to face encounter you desparately need to rekindle a real friendship.  We need to feel the warmth of our friends arms around us in that hug that conveys our affection and love for the person.  We need to hear our friend’s voice to really understand their feelings about what is going on in their lives that only their voice can convey.  We need to look into their eyes to see what may be troubling or giving joy to your friend when they speak of what is important in their life.  Friends convey their honest feelings to each other only when this face to face communication is allowed to be expressed.  These are the times that constitute the glue in a relationship.

Take a moment to think about that person you consider a real and loving friend and make the decision to call them.  Decide to arrange a visit to see them in the near future.  After all, life doesn’t have gurantees.  How would you feel if you got word that you lost your friend and you never got another chance to see them again.  Could you honestly say you had all the time your wanted with your friend?  Or would you want “just one more time” to be with them? 


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