Divine Love – Part I

Ah, love.  What a wonderful subject and definitely my most favorite one to write about.  Except Divine Love is huge!  It is so big that there is no way I can write about this incredible subject in just one post.  So, I have decided to write several posts on this subject over the next several days.  Since Valentine’s Day is only a week away it also seems appropriate that this subject be addressed.

The idea of Divine Love is one that was introduced to me by Catherine Ponder who writes about this subject in her book The Prospering Power of Love.  But to be truthful Catherine writes about Divine Love in just about every one of her books.  So what makes love so Divine?  Well, it’s not exactly in the context that most would immediately think of – that being romantic love with lots of great physical affection tied to it, also known as great sex.  While this is a fabulous idea, what I am addressing as Divine Love is the love that is so powerful it can change the course of your life.  To quote Catherine, “Divine Love is one of your mental and spiritual faculties.  You do not have to search outside yourself for love.  You can begin releasing it from within outward, through your thoughts, words, actions, and affirmative prayers.  As you do, you will experience the success power of love in all its fullness, as it works through people, situations, and conditions that concern you”. 

So how exactly does this thing work?  Instead of getting angry or frustrated about a situation or condition you cannot change, you change your attitude toward it.  Changing the way you react to something from anger to patience, from distrust to trust, from disappointment to love.  Divine love is a very personal internal work strategy that you must consciously choose to do and be mindful of utilizing when those moments of reactive anger or frustration rear their ugly heads.  I have some wonderful affirmations that I will provide you to help you become more in tune with Divine love, and through these affirmations make it a whole lot easier to adapt this attitude so much so that it will soon become your normal way of being.

I have practiced divine love for many years.  I very rarely ever encounter a difficult person, rarely have anyone yell or mistreat me, or find that a heated situation can’t be diffused by calm words and a loving attitude toward that person.  As such, I enjoy meeting people and I always leave with a new friend in the making.  I have to tell you that living like this is a whole lot better for me than when I was younger and had a quick trigger temper that didn’t take much to set me off.

In one of her books Catherine describes a technique that was presented to her by one of her clients who described a special way of radiating love.  He was a government employee and met with the public all day long in the course of his work dealing with complaints.  Needless to say, this man no doubt faced a lot of hostility during the normal work day.  He told Catherine that “love never fails”.  He always met the public with a smile, stayed courteous and kind no matter what they said to him, and silently affirmed “divine love is in control and all is well.”  Then when a particularily difficult person finally left he would “shoot them in the back — with love”.  He figuratively shot love arrows toward others.  He told Catherine that the attitude and behavior of many of the complainants would change markedly when he affirmed divine love.   I would have to declare this man a saint because I don’t know if I’d be able to “shoot love” at someone who just made a scene in my office.  But I do know that by affirming divine love on a daily basis these types of difficult encounters certainly reduced themselves considerably in my life.  I too worked with the public and had many an opportunity to have challenging moments.  Amazingly, what I have found was I was experiencing a kinder more easy natured customer approaching me.  Could it be that I was deflecting back divine love back to that person and it comes back directly to me?  It certainly sometimes feels that way. 

Here are some of the affirmations that I use on the subject of Divine Love.  I hope you may find some of them useful in your daily life if you choose to use them:

I am the perfect expression of divine love.  Love transforms, love transfigures.  Love fills my heart with harmony.  Love fills my mind with kind helpful thoughts.  Love fills my lips with words of praise and cheer.  Love fills my life to overflowing with happiness and peace.  Whatever the need or problem divine love is the answer, and I am the perfect expression of divine love.  Divine love now fulfills my every need.

Divine love is now working through me to adjust all the details of my life.  Love transforms my life now.

I am the infinite child of God, filled with the spirit of divine love and wisdom, by which I am guided in all my ways and now led into that which is for my highest good.

There is only love in my heart for everyone.  I pour out my love to all mankind.  I suppress or hoard nothing.  I will let God freely love through me now and always.

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