Avoid Being a Slinger

One of my most favorite spiritual teachers is Joyce Meyer.  In her devotional “Starting Your Day Right” she speaks of avoiding the slingers.  I will quote from her book, “There were people in the Bible called slingers who defeated their enemies by slinging stones and throwing dirt into their wells, contaminating their life source of water (2 Kings 3:25).  We all know people who sling accusation, judgement, criticism, and faultfinding at others.  We certainly don’t want slingers in our life, and we don’t want to become slingers either.

“Don’t be a slinger who contaminates your own faith or the faith of those around you.”

We all know slingers in our life, don’t we.  We may even have held this title in our lives at some point or another.  Gossiping or making judgement statements of what we know nothing really about.  Just wanting to “sling the mud” to give ourselves entertainment or to purposely hurt another’s reputation.  

But, as we all know from personal experience, having our reputations tarnished from mud slinging or malicious gossip is hurtful and evil.  

As we enter into a new year let us resolve to NOT be slingers in our lives.  Make a conscious decision to stop gossiping or eliciting gossip from others so we can make ourselves feel better about our own circumstances.  Gossiping about others, hurting their reputation does not make us better people, it in fact makes us look like fools, small and selfish.

As our mothers may have told us, “if you can’t say anything nice about the person, don’t say anything at all”.  This old wise adage still holds true today.  

May you be a person of good words and a loving heart and leave the mud slinging to those in the media who choose to live in darkness rather then live and operate from love.  

Starting Your Day Right: Devotions for Each Morning of the YearStarting Your Day Right: Devotions for Each Morning of the Year


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