A Man of Integrity

In these times of loud, obnoxious and meaningless blather that fills our world of media, we ocassionally come across of someone who is making a positive difference in this world.  One such man, who I am proud to call a friend, is Bob Votruba.  He is the creator of One Million Acts of Kindness (www.onemillionactsofkindness.org). 

Bob was moved by the senseless acts of violence that took lives at Virginia Tech University in 2007.  His heart broke at the thought that one violent act could devastate the lives of so many.  One could question why such random acts of violence occur.  We have all been touched by knowing someone whose life may have been taken by another who had so little disregard for the santity of life.  Bob was compelled in 2009 to leave behind a thriving business and the comforts of a life well made, to live in a bus and tour all the campuses in the United States over a ten year period, and promote the concept of KINDNESS.  He has devoted himself to urging everyone he meets to vow to make a Million Acts of Kindness in their lifetime.  I have taken this vow and have that pledge hanging on my office wall to daily remind myself that kindness is the ONLY way to approach this life.  Afterall, that was the only reason Jesus walked this earth, to be the embodiment of kindness.  To show all of us that this was what God expects of everyone. 

Our society today seems to relish in the debasement of the human condition by promoting just the opposite.  It is individuals like Bob Votruba that force us to reexamine what we are really meant to be while living this life. 

Bob has reached out to me to share this following message.  I am putting it on my blog so that all of you, my dear readers, can help support Bob’s efforts to continue with his ten-year plan.  I urge you to consider taking the pledge AND to helping Bob in his efforts to meet this worthy goal.


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