The Journey of Growth

I have spent many years not only working toward obtaining university degrees, but also in the personal development field.  This endeavor started back in the mid-80’s when I began to explore the possibility of a small entrepenurial effort, along with working my corporate career.  In translation this means trying my hand in sales and marketing.  I quickly found out that to expand and become good in sales was to balance those “selling” efforts with personal development.  Enter into my life several excellent sales/motivational speakers:  Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracey and Wayne Dyer to name only a few. 

From these excellent speakers and teachers I learned how important it was to not only learn how to handle objections from potential customers, but how important the human connection was in being excellent in my field.  Being a “life-long learner” by nature I took advantage of all the workshops and materials offered by these great businessmen and women and learned how to become an excellent business person.

I found in following these giants in their field along the years that I was beginning to see a different message starting to merge from their typical “sales technique/positive thinking/customer-oriented” style of teaching.  I was beginning to hear spiritual messages from both Zig Ziglar and a few years later, Wayne Dyer.  My first reaction was one of puzzlement.  I thought “What does God have to do with Sales?”.  What is this I am hearing from my favorite speaker, Zig Ziglar, who always brought incredible humor to his style of communication.  The humor was still there, the message was clear, but now God was also entering into his communication.  What was that all about.  A few years later I began to see that this “spiritual emerging” was also happening with Wayne Dyer.  How interesting, I thought.  What’s happening here?

As I grew in my business strength, leaving behind my corporate life and focusing on strictly entrepenurial efforts in the late 90’s, I began to see what these two giants in their field were so dramatically aware of – God is the Wind behind the Wings of success.  What I admire most of both Zig and Wayne was the fact that they began to speak of God when it was still a little “iffy” to go there in the business world.  They broke the mold in being clear about what was deep in their hearts and know that they needed to give credit to God for all their unparalleled success.  Today, others are only tiptoeing in their openness about God being the key for their success.  I personally applaud anyone in the media spotlight that is open about their love and appreciation for God’s glory in their lives.  For I have found after many years in business, as a corporate professional and as a small business person, without God behind your efforts the journey to success can be a hard one or it can be an “easy, breezy” one.  It all depends on how much you give God thanks and how much you follow HIS lead.


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