Thanksgiving day two: Land of the Free

You cannot even imagine what life would be like living outside of this wonderful country we call the United States of America.  For those of you born and raised here and have never had the opportunity to travel outside of the US you have no ability to compare what grandness we have here in this country.  Without the value of this perspective we can become selfish in our attitudes toward others.  Life here is incredibly rich regardless of what income level you find yourself in. 

However, whether we travel or not, whether we are new to living in the USA or not, many of us rarely take the time to say “Thank You, God” for this incredible land in which we live.  How often do you look around your home and give thanks for the environment in which you live?  Even those of us that live in other countries around the world need to appreciate the beauty which GOD has provided to you.  Even if you are skeptical about the nature of GOD, although if you are a regular reader of this blog, I would find that very hard to believe, you cannot deny the majesty that GOD has provided in this planet.  Abundance abounds all around us.  You could never count all the stars in the sky.  You could never count the number of fish in the seas.  You could never count the grains of sand on the ground, the number of animals that roam the earth, the number of trees, or blades of grass.  The number is so astronomical that it is impossible for us to fathom a guess at all that the earth has to hold.  All of this is created and overseen by GOD.  The amazing thing is that all this can live and die and it will reproduce itself again and again.

The abundance of this planet is unimaginable.  Yet, we see all this beauty around us and never give it a second thought.  Take time to really observe what is around you and to give thanks for the beauty of your world.  If you feel you would love to have a new place to be and live then give thanks for what you have right now, this moment.  When you give praise for the current situation you will be rewarded by God’s love and glory and find yourself in a grander place in the future.  What you appreciate today will grow in your life in the future.  So give thanks today for your home, your city, your State and your Country.  Consider yourself to be one of the lucky ones!

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