Thanksgiving Day three: Undeniably Uniquely Me

How fun is it when we get to practice what is passionately uniquely our individual talents and skills.  You are individually gifted with natural talents and skills that are unlike anyone else that exists.  You are special!  If you are young, really young — childlike young, you are automatically drawn to what excites you.  As we age, we start being influenced by the world around us.  We are molded to do what our parents, our teachers, our peers are telling us we should be or do.  We sometimes get so caught up with others expectations of our lives that we lose the focus of what brought us true joy in our younger years.  We do have the power to change that.  And I would urge you to examine what brings you true joy. 

There is no comparison then being able to create a life doing the things that exemplify our unique talents and abilities.  When we make money from doing what we love we are being our most perfect selves.  Work doesn’t feel like a burden.  We look forward to the challenges of the day when we are engrossed in what we love.  We all possess unique talents, abilities, skills, and intuitive knowledge that separate us from all the rest.  These are natural gifts given to us by GOD.  Do you ever take the time to thank God for these special gifts?  I just finished watching the American Music Awards last night and was thrilled to hear more of the winning recipients thanking GOD in such a public forum.  This is so right and proper.  You can’t get to where you want to see yourself without that natural talent to begin with.  It’s great to thank those others who helped you along the way — but don’t ever forget to thank the creator who bestowed those unique talents and abilities in the first place. 

I know there are some readers who may still be exploring what unique talents they possess but have yet to reveal themselves.  They are there — just keep open to discovery.  The ability is already there — the way to apply that ability may yet to be revealed, but it will be if you are determined to find the right sweet spot just meant for you.  Give thanks for those abilities you are already aware of.  Resolve to use your talents for the good of others.  By doing this you will find incredible satisfaction in the final results, along with building a prosperous life. 

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