Thanksgiving Day Six: For my family of friends

No one can deny that life would not be rich without our cadre of friends and acquaintances.  We love our families but our friends are the family we choose.  Those of us with friends that have ridden the bumps and tides of time with us should know how precious their wisdom, love and strength have meant during those turbulent periods.  When the times are really tough your friends are sometimes the only thing you can count on.  What makes life so meaningful is the remarkable ability to make new friends along the way.  Life is made fresh when we can enjoy the dance of friendship.  We laugh our loudest, shed our biggest tears, and can scream our frustrations to those we call our closest friends.  They see the worst and the best in us.  They remember the growing pains, the disappointments and the highest levels of our achievements with a smile on their faces and a glowing sense of pride at being your friend.

For all the friends in our lives — we need to say “thank you”!  Thank you for not giving up on me.  Thank you for always having a open door for me to come home to.  Thank you for being a cheerleader when the times were the lowest.  Thank you for accepting me just the way I am.  No greater gift can be given then to have a dear dear friend.  Good friends know that they may not hear from you for weeks or months at a time (maybe even years), but the moment you reconnect it’s as if time never passed between you.

Good friends are always there when you need them.  They don’t question you or make you feel like you are an inconvenience in their lives.  They open up their arms in support of whatever you need at that moment.  How could you not be grateful for those friends in your life?  They are the cherished gifts GOD gives us to make our life more enhanced and rich.  So take a moment and tell a good friend — how much they mean to you.  You will bless them and you’ll be blessed in the act.

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